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I’d love to hear your opinion about Stretch Beyond Stuck! It takes just 3 minutes to fill out this survey.
I will use your feedback to make positive changes and create new services and programs for next year.

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At the end you can enter into a drawing for a FREE coaching session. Everyone who fills it out receives a FREE guided meditation!

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Rather not fill it out? No worries. Instead … leave a reply below about this:

How early (if at all) do you start planning for the New Year?

How valuable are new year resolutions to you?

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1 comment to Share Your Opinion – FREE Coaching Session!

  • Alane O'Hagan

    I always feel “behind” when it comes to thinking about the New Year. Other activities/priorities get in the way of making a solid plan for the new year. December seems to me too late to think about it.
    I’ve stopped making resolutions. But I try to have a plan of action or theme for the new year and I find that works better for me.
    I hope you find this helpful.