How to Make Changes that Stick

At the start of the calendar year, we think about what changes we’d like to make. Then as the year progresses … often the challenge comes in sticking to those resolutions and intentions.

To me the biggest key is NOT being motivated, but being INSPIRED!

Here are my 3 steps to Making Changes that Stick:

1. Stretch = Stretch yourself, your mind and your beliefs. To make change you must do something differently. If you keep doing the same thing. You simply get the same results. Where might you stretch yourself this year? What do you REALLY want? Describe the you that you’re stretching into!

2. Beyond = After identifying where you will stretch yourself. Then you must identify how you will reach beyond… beyond your normal ways of thinking, behaving and believing. This is where the inspiration comes in! An effective way to do this is to connect to your your beyond conscious mind with relaxation. Relaxation helps tap into your beyond everyday knowledge, your intuition, … the part of you that knows that you know! Or, reach beyond your normal habits by asking for help from friends, deeper wisdom, a coach, nature, etc. Effective tip: Ask your self (or have a friend or coach ask you), “What inspires me?” And, “When was I last inspired?” Notice how that felt and what you were accessing within you.

3. Stuck = Identify where you are stuck. This will help clarify where you can do something different this year! This takes courage and often outside support to get a clear, honest perspective. Often what’s blocking us or keeping us stuck, is different than what we first think.

If you’d like support in following through and a clear perspective, join in the fun …
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