What gets me all excited?

What gets me all excited?

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Fall-time! It makes me wanna try new things. Fall-time is ‘back to school’ time! Kids everywhere are starting out the new school year. Do you remember how the start of a new school year felt like a bright, new beginning? Or was that just me?

Anyhow, fall-time brings up an inner restlessness in me. I feel like I just gotta go do something new and different! And, I have discovered that by encouraging myself to try new things at this time of the year I feel more excited going into the new calendar year. Um, a lil secret: this makes ‘New Year resolutions’ a breeze and more exciting for me.

Last weekend, at the very beginning of fall, the fall equinox, I went river kayaking. It was  a gentle toodling around on my local river and it was great workout. It was so beautiful! It was eye-opening to see the river from ‘the inside’ instead of looking down from the road or from a restaurant.

Seeing things from a new perspective opens up my mind and gets me thinking about what else I might look at in a new way. Being present to nature and to what is here in front of me calms and grounds me. I feel ready to face anything!

Trying something new gets me all excited to continue the adventure of exploring the new and the different. It helps me to open my arms and welcome change as a friend.

And, how cool is it that by trying something different, you get yourself Unstuck?

When do you like to try out new things? How might you stretch yourself to grow into more of who you are?
Share your thoughts below!

Wanna keep yourself excited and stretching into more of who you are?

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2 comments to What gets me all excited?

  • Most of my life looks like other people’s bucket lists, without realizing it at the time. Aerial photographer in the Amazon, living in a thatched-roof hut on a Caribbean island, trekking across Peru, horseback riding at dawn around the pyramids of Egypt, checking out the spring flowers in Osaka (Japan), living in a little French village, etc. So, for me, adventures now take place at other levels and in other forms. The good news is that we never run out of places and things to explore! Thanks for reminding me, Rene, to stay unstuck! ;-)

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