Use Your Mind to Unwind

Imagine you are alone on a beautiful beach at sunset. Listening to the ocean and allowing the waves to soothe your worries away ….

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This is where I go to unwind and release my worries and stress.

Whenever I walk on this beach I feel calm, relaxed and renewed. On days when I can’t make it down to the beach I just imagine going there in my mind. I imagine the sounds of the ocean, the birds and the breeze. I imagine feeling the sand beneath my feet and the wind tousling my hair. I imagine watching the waves roll in and out. I soften into my imagination and feel my body soften.

Where might you imagine yourself so that you can fully relax? It is only a thought away!

The power of your mind is amazing. Your body responds to your thoughts. When you think stressful or fearful thoughts, your body tightens and tenses as if something fearful is happening now. Even though it is just a thought, your body responds as if it is real.

Photo of Ocean Sunset

It’s a great stress buster! For an instant relaxation exercise just imagine yourself in a peaceful place. Use all of your senses. Notice what you might see, hear, feel, even smell. Give yourself at least 1 minute to really absorb the sensations. Then take a deep breath.

You are now instantly relaxed and can now move forward with a calmer state of mind.

What’s possible now? Please share your thoughts below!

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