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Okay, Shift Happens, Right?

Inspiration Quote

Ok,…guess what? Big scary shift happening over here! My husband and I are moving to Taiwan in a few months (for his job). We only just picked up our lives and moved across the US a year and a half ago. Now we are moving to another country! Crazy, right?

I am super excited, scared, sad, overwhelmed, stressed out, and a bit exhausted too. Every feel like this? Ever feel like everything is spinning way to fast?

I bet you have.
When big, big shifts are happening in your life this tends to be how you feel, right?

Right now it feels like I’m on a merry go round and can’t get off. But I’ve noticed that once I stop fighting and just accept the craziness…I’m am able to actually enjoy the twists and turns on this crazy ride.

At first I said “No way. Not happening. Not gonna do it.” …when my husband 1st brought up the idea of moving to Taiwan. Then, as I let the idea dance around in my consciousness for a few days I realized it could be like a stepping stone on the path to our retirement plan. Our plan (for retirement) is to totally downsize and live in an airstream for a few years. We will explore the US and Canada…stopping in mountain bike hot-spots (for the hubby), yoga and spiritual centers for me and hot springs for the both of us. This is the opportunity for us to let go of all that stuff that we really don’t need or love anymore.

We are truly getting into a minimalist mindset. We are donating a ton of stuff. Right before we leave we’ll have an estate sale. We plan to move with only the very essentials. It’s been pretty traumatic for me to donate my hundreds and hundreds of beloved books. My hubby still thinks I have way too many now that I’m down to only 75. Granted I probably do need to let go of a few more before we compile the final ‘pile-o-stuff’ to be shipped/mailed.

The other big thing that shifted me from “No way…not gonna happen.” to “Hum. Okay. Maybe I can do this.” is that I felt more excited than scared. That is always a big indicator for me when I’m not sure if I should do something (that requires a big, big life-shift.). If it scares me a little but excites me more than it scares me, then I know it’s something worth choosing. It also means I would probably regret it if I did NOT do it.

Plus I love the Eastern culture, philosophy, Eastern Medicine and the food! And, those of you who know me, you know I love, love, love to drink tea. So how could I NOT say “Yes!” to this big adventure? Sure I am still scared. I mean, we are going to be living in the middle of a big, busy city (Taichung. Not the biggest city there but still big by my standards) and surrounded by a different culture with everyone speaking Mandarin. And we will be living there for 3 to 6 years! Yikes!

On the exciting side… We will be able to fulfill our dream of exploring that side of the world. We will be able to easily travel to Japan, Thailand, Bali, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia. just to name a few.

I am really embracing the truth of the saying:“Mindset is everything.” I am staying focused on what I’m excited about in all of this. Keeping my mindset focused on what I am choosing – simplicity, travel and new adventures - keeps me in the excitement instead of the fear.

But…I’ve saved the sad part for last. It’s the reason we both have almost pulled the plug on this crazy move many times.…We will NOT be able to bring our darling kitty with us. She has been with us since she was a tiny kitten and we love love love her. She is sometimes crazy (due to hormonal issues) but very beautiful and very smart. She even ‘talks’ to us when we talk to her. We are reaching out to local friends and friends of friends who might be a good fit for her. Please send good wishes our way because this is our biggest concern in all of this.

me and our darling cat

Me and our darling kitty

We really want her to find a fabulous new parent(s) who will give her a loving, compassionate home for her 2nd half of life. (If you really want to help, please read my FB post about her).

In closing I’ll just say that if you’ve ever felt like I am feeling – super excited, scared, sad, overwhelmed and stressed out all at the same time, it’s totally normal, okay? Just keep reminding yourself that it is actually a blessing to have the chance to take a leap into the big, scary unknown. Trust that you are supported…’cause you are. Don’t forget to reach out for support – friends, family, etc. Keep doing simple things that ground you, like deep breathing, walks in nature, talks with friends, etc. Remember, you are supported and it will all work out. The universe/divine/(whatever you choose to call it) has your back. ;-)

Hugs, ~Rena, Intuitive Life Strategist

pic of Rena Hatch, Intuitive Life Strategist

Ever Wish Your Life Was Different?

Inspiration by Louise Hay

Image: Card from Louise Hay's Power Deck

As you may know (if you read the previous post), my husband, my cats and I made a big move across country to the East Coast. It’s been a huge adjustment for us all. So much change. It’s overwhelming sometimes. I spent weeks and months wishing things where different. Wishing that our tiny apartment had more closet space, had more storage and just had more space, period! Wishing I was back in the peaceful, quiet, calm of the Oregon Coast.  Wishing our Oregon Coast house would sell already, for crying out loud!

I was so frustrated by so many things. Things that just weren’t going the way I wanted them to. Then, I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment. I said to myself, “Rena, stop trying to force things. Just accept this is your life now. This is how it is. Sure it’s noisy living in a bigger city. Sure life is messy right now. But that is just how it is right now. It will change.”

So I started approaching things differently. For example, I realized we’ve been trying to sell our house and it just doesn’t seem to want to belong to anyone else right now. So you know what we did? We put it on AirBnB. Some people said we were crazy but I had a good feeling about it so I just did it! You can see the listing here: Zen Beach Retreat

The big thing all of this has taught me is acceptance. When things don’t go the way I expect or hope or want, that means it’s time for me to accept the way they are going…even if I don’t like it…at first. Even if I wish it was different or if I am longing for more, I start each day by embracing what is here now. It’s kinda like the practice of gratitude, you know what I mean? I acknowledge what is true for me right now. And, I look for the good, the deeper lesson, and the ways I might stretch myself a bit.

Wanna try it yourself?

  • Take a deep breath and honestly look at your life.
  • How is it right now?
  • Just acknowledge and accept it for what it is right now.

This doesn’t mean life won’t change or you won’t make changes. (Hey, I made a huge change by moving across the country, right?) What it means is…sure change happens, but in each moment and each day you can embrace it just as it is. Even if it’s messy, stressful, noisy, etc. It really does help to just acknowledge “This is how it is for right now.” “It’s messy.” “It’s stressful.” And, that’s okay, because the truth is, change happens. So tomorrow it could be completely different.

Want more inspiration and strategies to stretch yourself into your most amazing, intuitive  and creative self? Set up a complimentary Intuitive Strategy Session. Let’ chat: Free Intuitive Strategy Session

I’d love to hear what thoughts you have. What is your experience with change? What do you wish was different in your life? What will you do to practice acceptance? Leave me a comment/reply below. Thanks!

Big hugs,
~Rena, Intuitive Life Strategist

Getting Through the Stress and Mess of Life

Ever feel like your life is a mess?

Yes? Then you know how I’ve been feeling lately…

It’s also why I have not written a thing since my big, scary exciting adventure. I bet you know how it feels when things change and happen all at once. It can be a bit much to handle, right?

Yet, in this exact moment, my life feels pretty good. (Pic below of the sunset at the end of our block). I am looking forward to having my man back home tonight. He’s been away in Asia for 2 weeks for work.

Things are finally coming together here at our new apartment. But, up until a few days ago, my life felt like a complete and utter mess. Read all about it below (plus bonus tips on how to get through it all when your life feels like a total mess.)

Photo of sunset over bay

So… just a few days ago (and for weeks on end)….

Boxes were everywhere. The apartment felt like a messy, constricting (1000 sqft less than the house we moved from), cramped place with no storage what so ever. So annoying! My office was too crammed with boxes, books and artwork-waiting-to-be-hung to be a place where I could get any work done. The city where we now live felt too noisy and busy compared to the quiet, peaceful, zen energy of Oregon Coast (where we moved from).

I was sick and exhausted. And, the worst part was, our darling, tiny kitty, Pumpkin, was super sick. So sick she almost died! The kitty-doctor said the stress of the move was too much. She was in acute kidney failure. The doctors kept saying we could lose her at any moment. I couldn’t stop crying. She was my tiny, sweet daily companion. I wasn’t ready to let go.

Photo of beach and Eckhart Tolle quote

I noticed that during the stress and the mess, I was focused on what didn’t like about my new place, my new life and all the changes. I was doing what the quote on my Facebook-cover-pic says: “Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there’.” ~Eckhart Tolle

I wanted our new place to be exactly like our old place. I wanted all the changes to just stop! I wanted quiet and peaceful instead of appreciating the excitement, energy and support that was all around me.

During the stress and the mess, all I could see was ‘what was wrong’. I was disconnected from the expansive energy of love and possibilities. I couldn’t see the good. I ignored everything that was working well.

Ever feel that way?

When I shifted my focus to appreciate what was true in each moment instead of resisting what was showing up, I felt a shift inside me…My heart and mind opened to possibilities…I felt lighter and hopeful. This Eckart Tolle quote resonated through me:

“Always say “yes” to the present moment. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? What could be more insane than to oppose life itself, which is now and always now? Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”

Things flowed and felt so much easier when I was in this mindset. I know it helped Pumpkin to heal when I was in that expansive energy instead of the constricting energy of fear. I have been nursing her back to health with subcutaneous fluids and tons of natural methods. I am so grateful she is still with us.

Photo of tired kitty

Want to know what I did to get into that good place? Check out my strategies below.

Sending you lots of expansive energy!

Warm wishes and hugs,

~Rena, Intuitive Life Strategist

Photo Rena

Strategies for ’Getting through the stress and the mess of life’:

  • Remind yourself that you can handle this.
  • Repeat to yourself:“Somehow. some way everything will be okay.”
  • Take 2 minute breaks for deep breaths.
  • Pray, meditate, connect with what is Divine for you.
  • Connect with someone who reminds you that you are strong: friend, coach, soul-sister, mentor, etc.
  • Ask yourself how you would love to feel. Imagine feeling it. (If you can’t, then imagine a time when you felt it in the past.) Let that feeling fill your body. This works wonders!
  • Focus on one thing that is working well right now. Let that positive energy fill you. Breathe it in…Then, look for more things to appreciate.

Which one(s) will you try? Leave a reply/comment below and let me know, K?

Embracing a Big Scary Exciting Adventure

Inspirational Image of Dream Possibilities Expansion

It’s freakin’ me out a little!

Okay, if you know me, you know I don’t usually complain. I am all about empowering my clients to focus on their strengths and blessings so they can manifest more of that.

And right now, I just gotta say this: I am so frickin’ tired and having minor-to-major freakouts every day. Wanna know why?

I am getting ready to sell my house, my car and my husbands car and move across the country with my 2 cats and my awesome husband…and we don’t even have a place to live over there yet…and this all has to happen in a matter of a few weeks. Aahhhhh…can you understand the freakouts and bouts of exhaustion? Yeah, I know you get it.

And, at the same time I am filled with complete, joyous, childlike excitement at this new adventure! I am so excited to explore a new city and meet new people. Don’t you just love it when life feels full of possibilities, newness and expansion? And, you know what? Often that expansion, newness and possibilities comes with letting go, trusting in the divine and flowing with life. Sometimes that’s totally scary, right?

It is making me think of this quote:

“When you get to the end of all the light you know and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” ~Edward Teller

We are moving across country so that my husband can follow his big dream! I am all about supporting people in facing your fears, taking a chance and following your dreams. I did it 12 years ago….

I left my seemingly perfectly successful career as a scientist to become a yoga teacher and life coach. Everyone thought I was crazy (and half the time I thought they might be right). But it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love, love, love my business and my amazing clients. I love empowering go-getters to find more me-time (even if it’s only 2 minutes) and empower them to feel more energized and renewed with my simple, practical intuitive life strategies.

So when my husband had the perfect opportunity fall into his capable hands, we had to say “Yes!” Sure we are scared to leave the safety and security of our beautiful home, community, friends and his current-perfectly-fine job. But this adventure and chance to follow his dream calls to the wildness in our souls.

This quote comes to mind: “When you look back on your life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the ones you did. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

As we jump into the possibilities and make this move we are also super sad to leave this magical, artistic, heart-centered community at the Oregon Coast. I have had my women’s retreats here for the past 10 years. This beautiful place will always have a hold of a part of my heart and soul so I know we will be back.

Photo of Oregon Coast

I love that we have a soul connection to this place on the west coast while we take off for a big adventure on the other coast. I can’t wait to see what we discover, who we meet and how both our lives expand into the possibilities of what’s next!

Tell me about when you’ve embraced something scary and exciting. What was it like for you? What are you wanting to try, explore or discover but fear is holding you back? Write about it in the comments. K?

Warmly, ~Rena, Intuitive Life Strategist

Rena at the beach

How to Keep a Yoga Retreat Mindset

I just hosted my annual DeStress-Manifest Women’s Retreat. We ate lots of yummy, organic dark chocolate, did nurturing yoga, and tapped into ways to balance the body, mind, heart and spirit. Yoga on Beach

Now that it’s over I wanted to share some strategies with those of you who couldn’t make it to the Oregon Coast this year.

Here are some ways to Keep a Yoga Retreat Mindset everyday:

  • Connect with your breath – If you are stressed or just caught up in the busy-ness of everyday, you can get disconnected from your body and your breath. Take a few deep breaths. It will ground you and bring you present.
  • Don’t save the special – Do something special for yourself everyday. Use your fancy dishes. Wear your expensive shoes. What are you saving for some future, special occasion? Bring it out now. Embrace the special of everyday!
  • Slow down – You might be so used to the busy pace of your life that you don’t even realize how fast you are moving and thinking. Try taking your pace down a notch. Move slower. Drive slower. Walk slower.
  • Stop being mean to yourself – Are you being harsh with yourself? Are you picking on yourself? Are you doing the sabotaging 3′C’s? Well stop it! Read this post for suggestions on what to do instead. Be kinder to you.
  • Have more fun! - Are you taking life too seriously? Lighten up. Everything can still get done if you do it with a lightness in your heart. Do something that makes you smile. Dance. Talk to a friend. Play in nature. Just 5 minutes of fun can shift your mood.

And, if you’d like more tips, strategies, support and coaching to keep a retreat mindset and have built in me-time, check out the new Awaken Your Inner Light class here –>
it’s all by phone and email so you can indulge no matter where you live!

~Rena, Intuitive Life Strategist and Yoga Teacher

Secrets to Creating the Life You Want

“More than any other factor, your life today is what you chose it to be yesterday. More than anything else, your life tomorrow will be a reflection of the choices you make today.” ~William E. Adams, Ph.D

You are creating your life with your thoughts and your actions. You get to chose what you give your attention to. You get to chose where you put your energy. You are more powerful than you may realize.

inspirational quote

If you want to create a life you love, then don’t let your thoughts sink down into negative ‘story telling’. You know what I’m talking about. That story telling you do when you tell yourself those ‘stories’ like “I’ll never get what I want. I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough talent. I don’t have enough energy. I can’t do it.” And so on. You know those stories you tell yourself that keep you from moving forward? The stories that keep you from dreaming big and being willing to take the next step.

Those are just stories. They are not true. Those stories keep you from standing in your power.

Do you know what else keeps you from creating the life you want and drains your personal power?

When you get stuck in the 3 Sabotaging C’s – Complaining, Comparing and Criticizing.

We all do it. We all fall into those sabotaging habits of thinking and talking about what we don’t like, what bugs us, what irritates us, what upsets us, and so on.

So how do you stop it? How do you create the life you really, really want?

The best way to take back your power is with the 3 Empowering V’s – Visualize it, Verbalize it, and Validate it. In other words instead of complaining, comparing and criticizing – think about, talk about and thank about your hopes and dreams.

Here are 3 steps to manifest a life you love:

  • Visualize it – Really think about it. Try replacing one of the 3 sabotaging c’s with thinking about what you DO want instead. Take 30 seconds to imagine what you do want. How would you love your life to be? How might you act if you were believing in your dreams? What would you do differently? Want some one on one support with this? Schedule a FREE consult with me here.

Thoughts have power; thoughts are energy. You can make your world or break it by your own thinking.” ~Susan Taylor

  • Verbalize itTalk about it. Make sure to talk about what it is you really want. Talk about what you love. Talk about your joys and passions. We spend so much time complaining about what we don’t have or what we can’t do or what we don’t like. Replace that with talking about what lights you up. Find a supportive friend, a trusted counselor or coach. You start to take back your personal power the more you speak about what you want and what you love. There is energy behind your words. What you give your attention to expands.

“Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.” ~Richard Wilkins

  • Validate it – Thank about it. When you see someone who has, does or is being what you want, don’t complain or criticize it. That only creates distance between you and that reality. Instead validate it. Appreciate it. It’s existence is to be celebrated. Feel the feelings of already manifesting it for yourself. This will make it easier for you to see opportunities and possibilities. Feel all the feelings that go along with it. If you were already living it. How would you feel? Allow yourself to explore. Have fun! Imagine how grateful you would be. Really feel it!

Every time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, “More of this, please. More of this, please.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

And the most important step to creating the life you want? Take consistent bite-size actions! Without this last step…nothing will change.

“Keep visualizing it, talking about it, feel the feelings that go along with it and take  bite-size actions consistently and then … pretty soon… you’ll be livin’ it!” ~Rena Hatch

How to Activate Your Intuition

Do you wish you trusted your intuition more? How might your life be different if you DID trust and listen to your inner wisdom?

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” ~Dean Koontz

Well, your intuition, your gut instinct, your inner wisdom is always sending you messages. You may have just learned to ignore it. Or perhaps, like most of us, you listen to your noisy, ever chattering, rational mind instead.

The rational mind is a fabulous tool when used consciously. It can help you come up with action plans and solutions to problems. But it can also keep you stuck in old ways of thinking.

Intuition and inner wisdom can help you to make quick decisions as well as choose which plan of action will serve you best in the long run. It can help you flow with life more easily instead of feeling like you are struggling to swim up stream through muddy water. It can give you clarity and freedom.

To really move through life powerfully you need to activate your intuition and use it in partnership with your rational mind.

So here are 3 Steps to Activate Your Intuition:

  1. Softening - Softening is about feminine energy and the opposite of the rational mind. We tend to trust the rational mind and our self-doubt more than our intuition. This blocks intuition. Softening lets you become aware of your emotions and your quiet inner voice that can get drowned out by the loud, hard, rational mind. To soften Try One of These: practice relaxation techniques; spend time in nature; take long baths; light a candle; connect with what you call Divine; Do my 5 A.L.L.O.W Steps; Come to the annual Day Retreat.
  2. Curiosity – Curiosity is a practice and a new way to go through life. Be a gentle witness to yourself. Notice what you have a strong emotional reaction to. What lifts your heart? What makes you angry? Be curious about what is happening inside you. What does this strong reaction remind you of? When else have you felt this? (these questions start a powerful healing and are steps to taking back your power!). 
  3. Trusting – Trust in yourself to handle what ever comes up in your life. Trust that you are strong enough. You are smart enough. You are enough. You can handle whatever happens. No matter what path you choose, whatever comes up, it’s okay because you can handle it. Trusting leads to freedom. To be more trusting Try This: Give yourself permission to be playful. Try setting aside a few minutes each day to laugh with a friend; do something whimsical and fun; take yourself and life less seriously.

Recently one of my amazing clients asked a great question during a Heart Path Class Call: “I have a hard time trusting my intuition. And, when I do get intuitive information it seems too general. How do I get more specific answers from my intuition?”

My response to her was to spend time asking a specific question and writing down the 1st things she notices. Our intuition speaks to us differently than the rational mind.

Here’s what you can try and she can do to get more specific answers from your intuition...

1st – Come up with a question that you want specific answers to such as “What specific steps will give me more financial freedom.” or “What actions will lead me to the love of my life.” Or “What shall I do next.” The last one will lead to less specific answers. You come up with the question (or contact me to get support on this.)

Then, Activate Your Intuition …

  1. Softening – Get into a relaxed state of being. Breathe deeply into your belly 3 times. Then…
  2. Curiosity – Ask your question over and over – out loud or to yourself. Write down what you notice – in feelings, images, memories, sounds etc. – even if makes no sense. Your intuition and inner wisdom speak to you differently than your rational mind. So your answers my be images, memories, feelings, colors, sounds. Just write down everything you notice as you continue to repeat the question.
  3. Trusting – Trust what you wrote. Trust there is wisdom within  you. Trust there are answers with in you. Now use your rational mind. Go back and read what you wrote. Interpret your intuition with your rational mind. Next to each response write down what it might mean for you. Write down 1 or 2 actions you are willing to try.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how it goes. How have you honored or trusted your intuition? When has your intuition been strong? When have you ignored it but later wished you hadn’t? Share with a reply below.

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Sending you warm wishes,

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