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FREE Get Unstuck Kit

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Clients say …

"I am seeing things in a different light. It is like something that was in me really did get un-stuck and the flood gates are opening; it's a miracle." ~Layla Kelly, Jewelry Artist, Nehalem, Oregon.

"If you are feeling like you'd like to do or be more, hire Rena. Your life is worth it and the world is waiting. You will be forever grateful.'' ~Katie Todd, Renewal Energy Professional, Artist, Pilates Instructor and Mother, Portland, Oregon,


Get Unstuck Kit and Email Coaching!

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Feeling stuck in unhealthy habits, unfulfilling career, frustrating relationships, or stress filled days?

Stop waiting! Stop the excuses!  Stop self-sabotage.

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Get Unstuck with Get Unstuck Kit

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Do you want …

  • A sense of balance in your life.
  • To feel like you are prioritizing appropriately.
  • More energy.
  • To feel better about self and others.
  • More confidence.
  • To feel hopeful more often
  • Healthier body.
  • Healthier boundaries.
  • Healthier relationships.

DIY (Do it yourself) Coaching support starts as soon as you sign up! What’s included? Read below …

“You really provide great tools and insights on how to handle issues (i.e. boundaries, change, etc.).” ~words from a happy client!

You’ll get inspiration, tips, worksheets, guided meditations, coaching questions to journal about or just ponder and get ‘ah-ha’ moments!

All to help you:

  • Follow through on your goals
  • Get motivation to break free of unhealthy habit/job/relationship/etc.
  • Increase relaxation, energy, healthy habits and confidence.

Invest $17/month (valued $74.00/month) in yourself and you get:

  • Tools, tips, inspiration in your inbox each month … which include
  • Teachings and inspiration
  • Coaching/guided journaling and/or guided relaxations/meditations
  • Tips and homework to start making changes now.
  • Inspiration to keep you going in tough times and change stumbling blocks to stepping stones.

on Special: $17/month Invest in you.

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“I appreciate your advice and look forward to the good tips (each month).  This is really helping me see things clearer.  I’m much more aware of what I WANT and what I’m capable of doing vs what I used to feel like I ‘should’ do.” ~Renee Gayhart, Tribal Health Program Manager and Mother, Juneau, Alaska

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Let me answer your questions each month and give you individual tips, homework, tools, exercises to get you into a positive mindset, healthy relationships, and satisfying career.

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I can’t wait to start supporting you!

Warmest wishes,

Rena Hatch, MS, RYT
the ‘Get Unstuck’ Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher

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