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"I am seeing things in a different light. It is like something that was in me really did get un-stuck and the flood gates are opening; it's a miracle." ~Layla Kelly, Jewelry Artist, Nehalem, Oregon.

"If you are feeling like you'd like to do or be more, hire Rena. Your life is worth it and the world is waiting. You will be forever grateful.'' ~Katie Todd, Renewal Energy Professional, Artist, Pilates Instructor and Mother, Portland, Oregon,


Indulge In What Fills You Up

I have been losing time and gaining hunger every time I visit Pinterest. What about you? Do you spend time on Pinterest?

Today while I was busy pinning, repinning and getting hungry I decided to take a few minutes to make some of my famously (among my friends and family) addictive popcorn.

Photo of yummy popcorn(Cook on stove in big pot. Then add ghee, salt, pepper, paprika, all purpose seasoning, hing, and nutritional yeast. So yum!)

Although this isn’t a food blog, healthy cooking is something I enjoy, so I thought I’d share a short post related to it.

I get really into cooking during the fall and winter due to all the rain here in the Pacific Northwest.

One way to Get Unstuck is to spend time doing things you love. It is the art of Self Nurturance! Let yourself indulge in the things that lighten your heart and lift your spirit. What activities make you loose track of time? When do you feel light and joyous?

You must indulge in what fills you up not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For each of us this will be different and may shift throughout the day, month and year.

Trust your inner wisdom. Take time to slow down and listen to your heart. What are you yearning for? What are all the delightful, healthy ways you might give that to yourself?

In the spring and summer I much more interested in being in nature and spend way less time in the kitchen.

How do your interests and habits shift with the seasons?

I’ve been saving up some ideas and recipes to try out this fall on my “I Gotta Make This” Board.

Each fall-time I set the intention to try new things in my life (including new recipes). It makes me feel ready for all the newness of the new calendar year. It also gets me jazzed to set new goals and intentions for the New Year! (I prefer intentions and goals to ‘resolutions’.) In my post ‘What gets me all excited‘ I share more about all that. Check it out!

What gets you jazzed? What new things, recipes, adventures might you try? Do share a reply/comment below!

Sweet wishes,
~Rena, the ‘Get Unstuck’ Coach

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5 Steps to DeStress and Manifest!

Are you ready to make positive change in your life? Do you want to be more calm and feel more balanced? Well…

photo of flowers over arbor with quoteTo truly manifest change and de-stress we must allow change and relaxation into our life. It like opening a gate and inviting what we DO want to enter.

It really is simple. What is it that make us want make it so complicated? It’s crazy-making!

Instead of complicating our lives, let’s simplify (and get unstuck) instead. How does that sound?

In the spirit of keeping it simple sweetie (KISS) – here are my 5 Steps to DeStress and Manifest… (let me know what you think by leaving a comment, okay?).

  1. Acknowledge – No matter how you are feeling, acknowledge it. Say to yourself, “I feel stressed right now.” or “I feel great right now.”
  2. Listen - Listen to your thoughts. What thoughts are you thinking? What are you focusing on that is creating these feelings?
  3. Let Go – Let go of it all for the next 2 minutes. Let go of the need to change it, fix it, extend it, etc. Release it with an exhale. Ahhhh…
  4. Open – Open to possibilities! Open your imagination. Imagine manifesting what you DO want. How will you BE. What do you see?
  5. Write – Write down 1 thought that supports that (from step 4). Write down 1 bite-size action you will take to support that.

Try these 5 steps for a few days and see what happens.

When we practice something over and over (especially for 21 days or more) it becomes a habit.

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~Rena, the Get Unstuck Coach.

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What gets me all excited?

What gets me all excited?

Photo of kayak on river plus quote

Fall-time! It makes me wanna try new things. Fall-time is ‘back to school’ time! Kids everywhere are starting out the new school year. Do you remember how the start of a new school year felt like a bright, new beginning? Or was that just me?

Anyhow, fall-time brings up an inner restlessness in me. I feel like I just gotta go do something new and different! And, I have discovered that by encouraging myself to try new things at this time of the year I feel more excited going into the new calendar year. Um, a lil secret: this makes ‘New Year resolutions’ a breeze and more exciting for me.

Last weekend, at the very beginning of fall, the fall equinox, I went river kayaking. It was  a gentle toodling around on my local river and it was great workout. It was so beautiful! It was eye-opening to see the river from ‘the inside’ instead of looking down from the road or from a restaurant.

Seeing things from a new perspective opens up my mind and gets me thinking about what else I might look at in a new way. Being present to nature and to what is here in front of me calms and grounds me. I feel ready to face anything!

Trying something new gets me all excited to continue the adventure of exploring the new and the different. It helps me to open my arms and welcome change as a friend.

And, how cool is it that by trying something different, you get yourself Unstuck?

When do you like to try out new things? How might you stretch yourself to grow into more of who you are?
Share your thoughts below!

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3 Steps to Get Unstuck

Wanna make a change but find you keep doing the same old things instead? You are not alone. We all do it!

Photo of ocean with quote

  1. Set an intention – Know what you want. Decide what you want
  2. Believe it’s possible - Believe you can have and deserve it.
  3. Take action - Do something different. Take a small step toward what you want.

These 3 simple steps can lead us to new expansiveness in our life. They support you to live in the possibilities instead of in doubt and fear. I lead my coaching clients through these steps in every phone session I have.

They are steps to write down and remind yourself of whenever you feel stuck.

Yet, you can get stuck on any of these steps and not move forward.

Take number 1 for example…. Sometimes we are not clear enough about what we want. Like me when I was working in Corporate America as scientist, I just did not take the time to ask myself what I really wanted. I did have time! I was too busy and too stressed out to ask myself, the all important questions that I often ask my clients, “What fills you up? When do you truly feel satisfied? What do you really, really want in your life?” “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do differently?”

Number 2 is where most women get stuck. They know what they want, yet the don’t believe they deserve it. Or they don’t believe that it’s possible for them. Or they believe it’s too much work. They usually are holding restrictive beliefs (I call these Weeds) about it or about themselves – such as, ‘I’m not good enough, strong enough, confident, talented etc.’ What are you believing about yourself that is keeping you stuck? What weeds are restricting you from blossoming? (Read this post to -> change restricting beliefs – Weeds to Flowers)

Sometimes inaction is the way we keep ourselves stuck. Fear keeps us stuck in inaction. In our mind we equate our comfort zone with safety. Doing something different seems scary and unsafe. The solution? The Nike Slogan – ‘Just Do it!’ Once we take action we see that it’s not that scary. We build confidence when we take action and try something new. We then re-enforce a new belief – an expansive belief that supports our blossoming. We create a flower instead of a weed.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Where do you get stuck?

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Finding Mindfulness in the Unexpected

Have you ever noticed how everything seems more intense, more exciting when on vacation? I have been traveling a bit lately and noticing this.

Photo of vista after a hike

One of my trips was to beautiful British Columbia and one to Northern California. On one trip I expected it to be relaxing and it turned out to be more stressful than soothing. The other trip ended up being delightful and relaxing – which is not always the case when my parents, my sister, my grandma and I are all staying in the same house (Lol).

Traveling always seems to give me a new perspective on my life. It gives me a chance to experience new places and people. It also gives me a chance to practice mindfulness.

I am so ‘in the moment’ that I am naturally more mindful than when I am mindlessly going through my daily routine at home. It is so easy to get stuck in a routine and just be on ‘autopilot‘. I love how vacation and traveling is a fun way to get unstuck!

On my BC trip we encountered a bear! Okay, we saw a bear in our camp site and our cooler had an ‘encounter’ with him. He ate most of our food and returned everyday, twice a day, after that. Needless to say, this kept us on our toes and kept me in a heightened state of  ’mindfulness’.

Cooler attacked by bear

In addition to the adrenaline pumping, daily bear sightings, simply being in a new place and having a sense of adventure created a state of mindfulness. My husband and I felt like kids on an adventure. Each day we would wake up not knowing what new things we would experience. We kept our hearts and minds open as we traveled around during the day exploring new hiking trails, new vistas, new cities, new people and places!

There is lots more to tell about my adventures yet it will need to wait for the next post. I must run off to connect with the lovelies on my mailing list, get ready for a coaching session and then head out for a beach walk.

Until next time … stop by Roots of She and read my Guest Post: From Frazzled to Fluffy

Sweet wishes,


Your turn:

What gives you a new perspective and kicks you out of your routine?

When are you more mindful?

Are You Being Authentic?

“Authenticity is about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.” ~Brene Brown

photo of elk in field

It can seem ‘easier’ to hide behind ideas of who we think we are or who we think we should be. Yet, it is not easier. It just more comfortable because that is what we are use to doing. It is what is safe. So many of us grow up learning to ‘be good’ ‘be nice’ or just be what the world expects us to be.

When we choose to let that go (and it is a choice), we open ourselves up to our true selves. We open ourselves up to expansion and true freedom.

I remember making this choice. It was scary. It was uncomfortable. Yet, I had reached a point in my life where I was willing to risk being uncomfortable in a new way if it meant giving up the uncomfortableness of living a life that no longer fit me. It was as if I was wearing clothes that were too tight. I felt stifled. My life seemed to ridged and my thoughts seemed too restrictive.

I shook off those tight close – and boy oh boy did I feel vulnerable, revealed and exposed. With the help of a life coach and some amazing friends I stumbled forward and discovered new, sparkly, gorgeous clothes that fit me way better!

“You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” ~Abraham Maslow.

How often do you feel connected to your Authentic Self? Have you ever felt vulnerable and totally exposed?

If you are stuck, how much longer will you stay in restriction before opting for expansion?

Share your thoughts with reply/comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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