Take Pause: Honor Yesterday; Plan Tomorrow

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”. ~Seneca

Each new calendar year is a start of something new and can be an end and a letting go. It is like a loop, a circle, that never really ends or begins, just a continues. Yet we can create a pause in the circle, by taking [...]

Focus on the Flowers

I am baking a pumpkin pie today! This time of year I tend to enjoy cooking more than I do in the summer time. It must be the warmth of the kitchen with the stove and oven that draws me in the cooler months. It is such a meditative act to pull the seeds out [...]

How to Let Go of What’s Not Working

Are you holding on to a way of being, a relationship, a job, an old habit that is not really serving your highest and best self?
How do you know when it’s time to walk away? How do you let it go?

Often we keep ourselves stuck by holding on to what we know is not really [...]

Are You Resisting Life?

Soften into your heart-space – where the answers live. ~Rena Hatch

When we resist what is, we create tension and stress in our mind, body, emotions and spirit. Everything happens just as it is meant to. There are no mistakes. There really is nothing to resist. Often we just need to ACT:

Acknowledge what is.
Choose what we [...]

Letting Go to Make Space for New Growth

What are you ready to let go of? Is there something, an aspect of yourself or habit that no longer serves you? When we release, just like a tree releasing dead leaves, it allows vital energy to return to the center. When we release what no longer serves us we make space for newness; space for something to revitalize us.


He looks at me
his heart.
He sees me.
He hears me.
I feel me
as I
waves of
washes over me
only to reveal
fossilized layers
of anger
rehearsed hardness.
I see my soft fragility
reflected in his eyes;
a mirror
through which
years of
hidden sorrow
~Rena Hatch
Spring 2003