How to Rock Your Goals

Wish you could rock out your goals like it was nothing? Do you struggle to follow through with your intentions? Try these tips to setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals and you’ll be feeling like a rock-star-goal-reacher (okay, I know. Kinda lame. But you know what I mean)!

Specific- Be specific about what you want to achieve. Break it [...]

Top 5 Ways to Get Unstuck

Stop unhealthy mind-body habits with awareness and these 5 tips.

We all get stuck in unhealthy mind-body habits because they are familiar and comfortable. There is a part of your mind, I call the ‘comfort-seeker’ that actually wants you to keep doing what your doing and avoid change at all costs. Do you know why? Because [...]

Find, Follow and Flow with your Divine Purpose

Forget those New Year’s Resolutions! Do you ever even keep up with them after a few weeks? (Most of us don’t.) There is a much better way to make positive changes in your life.

Often the resolutions can just end up feeling like a big ‘To Do’ List. Or it can end up feeling restricting and [...]

Are You Blossoming or Stuck In Fear?

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin

Have you experienced this?
I know I often do. There are times in my life when I could no longer remain tight. I just had to stretch, expand and blossom despite being [...]

Drained or Overwhelmed? Try this!

If you are a heart-centered compassionate woman, your health can easily be affected by people around you.
Do you often feel drained by events, people or life in general?

You might think you need to change your diet, take vitamins, see a doctor or search for some other physical solution. Or maybe just a strong cup of [...]

When I’m Stuck, What Do I Do?

I’ve not been writing here for awhile because I’ve been busy relaxing, having fun, and being a little cranky and unmotivated. Basically I’ve been feeling stuck.

I know. I know. Are you thinking, “But, Rena, you are the Get Unstuck Coach. How could you be stuck?”
But I do. I get stuck. I get cranky. And I [...]

Me-Time – It Can Be Quick and Easy!

“To take time for myself, as a practice, not as an emergency, allows me to be my True Self and better able to receive.” ~Busy Mom and Workshop Participant.
Recently I hosted my annual workshop for women here at the Oregon Coast. We enjoyed tea, organic raw chocolate, quick and easy yoga and tons of tips [...]