Ever Wish Your Life Was Different?

Inspiration by Louise Hay

Image: Card from Louise Hay's Power Deck

As you may know (if you read the previous post), my husband, my cats and I made a big move across country to the East Coast. It’s been a huge adjustment for us all. So much change. It’s overwhelming sometimes. I spent weeks and months wishing things where different. Wishing that our tiny apartment had more closet space, had more storage and just had more space, period! Wishing I was back in the peaceful, quiet, calm of the Oregon Coast.  Wishing our Oregon Coast house would sell already, for crying out loud!

I was so frustrated by so many things. Things that just weren’t going the way I wanted them to. Then, I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment. I said to myself, “Rena, stop trying to force things. Just accept this is your life now. This is how it is. Sure it’s noisy living in a bigger city. Sure life is messy right now. But that is just how it is right now. It will change.”

So I started approaching things differently. For example, I realized we’ve been trying to sell our house and it just doesn’t seem to want to belong to anyone else right now. So you know what we did? We put it on AirBnB. Some people said we were crazy but I had a good feeling about it so I just did it! You can see the listing here: Zen Beach Retreat

The big thing all of this has taught me is acceptance. When things don’t go the way I expect or hope or want, that means it’s time for me to accept the way they are going…even if I don’t like it…at first. Even if I wish it was different or if I am longing for more, I start each day by embracing what is here now. It’s kinda like the practice of gratitude, you know what I mean? I acknowledge what is true for me right now. And, I look for the good, the deeper lesson, and the ways I might stretch myself a bit.

Wanna try it yourself?

  • Take a deep breath and honestly look at your life.
  • How is it right now?
  • Just acknowledge and accept it for what it is right now.

This doesn’t mean life won’t change or you won’t make changes. (Hey, I made a huge change by moving across the country, right?) What it means is…sure change happens, but in each moment and each day you can embrace it just as it is. Even if it’s messy, stressful, noisy, etc. It really does help to just acknowledge “This is how it is for right now.” “It’s messy.” “It’s stressful.” And, that’s okay, because the truth is, change happens. So tomorrow it could be completely different.

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I’d love to hear what thoughts you have. What is your experience with change? What do you wish was different in your life? What will you do to practice acceptance? Leave me a comment/reply below. Thanks!

Big hugs,
~Rena, Intuitive Life Strategist

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