How to Activate Your Intuition

Do you wish you trusted your intuition more? How might your life be different if you DID trust and listen to your inner wisdom?

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” ~Dean Koontz

Well, your intuition, your gut instinct, your inner wisdom is always sending you messages. You may have just learned to ignore it. Or perhaps, like most of us, you listen to your noisy, ever chattering, rational mind instead.

The rational mind is a fabulous tool when used consciously. It can help you come up with action plans and solutions to problems. But it can also keep you stuck in old ways of thinking.

Intuition and inner wisdom can help you to make quick decisions as well as choose which plan of action will serve you best in the long run. It can help you flow with life more easily instead of feeling like you are struggling to swim up stream through muddy water. It can give you clarity and freedom.

To really move through life powerfully you need to activate your intuition and use it in partnership with your rational mind.

So here are 3 Steps to Activate Your Intuition:

  1. Softening - Softening is about feminine energy and the opposite of the rational mind. We tend to trust the rational mind and our self-doubt more than our intuition. This blocks intuition. Softening lets you become aware of your emotions and your quiet inner voice that can get drowned out by the loud, hard, rational mind. To soften Try One of These: practice relaxation techniques; spend time in nature; take long baths; light a candle; connect with what you call Divine; Do my 5 A.L.L.O.W Steps; Come to the annual Day Retreat.
  2. Curiosity – Curiosity is a practice and a new way to go through life. Be a gentle witness to yourself. Notice what you have a strong emotional reaction to. What lifts your heart? What makes you angry? Be curious about what is happening inside you. What does this strong reaction remind you of? When else have you felt this? (these questions start a powerful healing and are steps to taking back your power!). 
  3. Trusting – Trust in yourself to handle what ever comes up in your life. Trust that you are strong enough. You are smart enough. You are enough. You can handle whatever happens. No matter what path you choose, whatever comes up, it’s okay because you can handle it. Trusting leads to freedom. To be more trusting Try This: Give yourself permission to be playful. Try setting aside a few minutes each day to laugh with a friend; do something whimsical and fun; take yourself and life less seriously.

Recently one of my amazing clients asked a great question during a Heart Path Class Call: “I have a hard time trusting my intuition. And, when I do get intuitive information it seems too general. How do I get more specific answers from my intuition?”

My response to her was to spend time asking a specific question and writing down the 1st things she notices. Our intuition speaks to us differently than the rational mind.

Here’s what you can try and she can do to get more specific answers from your intuition...

1st – Come up with a question that you want specific answers to such as “What specific steps will give me more financial freedom.” or “What actions will lead me to the love of my life.” Or “What shall I do next.” The last one will lead to less specific answers. You come up with the question (or contact me to get support on this.)

Then, Activate Your Intuition …

  1. Softening – Get into a relaxed state of being. Breathe deeply into your belly 3 times. Then…
  2. Curiosity – Ask your question over and over – out loud or to yourself. Write down what you notice – in feelings, images, memories, sounds etc. – even if makes no sense. Your intuition and inner wisdom speak to you differently than your rational mind. So your answers my be images, memories, feelings, colors, sounds. Just write down everything you notice as you continue to repeat the question.
  3. Trusting – Trust what you wrote. Trust there is wisdom within  you. Trust there are answers with in you. Now use your rational mind. Go back and read what you wrote. Interpret your intuition with your rational mind. Next to each response write down what it might mean for you. Write down 1 or 2 actions you are willing to try.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how it goes. How have you honored or trusted your intuition? When has your intuition been strong? When have you ignored it but later wished you hadn’t? Share with a reply below.

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2 comments to How to Activate Your Intuition

  • Great post, Rena! Spot on! And i love the ALLOW steps – instructions to keep it simple.

    I’ve had clients who have also mentioned not being able to trust their intuition or their unconscious mind. As for as the UM goes, I remind them that the UM performs all body functions including breathing and is keeping them alive! Seems pretty trustworthy to me! As for intuition, it is the tuning in to higher self.. which again is there to help us along the path. If we feel led to anxiety, then it is not the message of intuition – which will always leave us feeling clear and directed. Anything that leads to negative emotions is the result of the whispers of the monkey mind and ego playing tricks on us.

    We can always physically feel the difference, even when we are confused. We can feel it! And we can learn to trust and recognise signs and the truth from there.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful bright light, Rena!

    • Beautifully said Shelley!
      Yes, in my Monthly Heart Path conference Call I shared tips on how to tell the difference between your intuition and your self-doubt.
      We can easily confuse the two. We can mistake our self-doubt as intuition/inner wisdom but as you said you can ‘feel’ the difference!
      It takes practice…to feel it and recognize the signs, yet it is soooo worth the effort and practice.

      Hugs to you and lots of gratitude for sharing your truth and wisdom.