Drained or Overwhelmed? Try this!

If you are a heart-centered compassionate woman, your health can easily be affected by people around you.
Do you often feel drained by events, people or life in general?

stop energy drains

You might think you need to change your diet, take vitamins, see a doctor or search for some other physical solution. Or maybe just a strong cup of coffee or tea. Hum. That sounds good. Doesn’t it?

Instead … I invite you to consider this: There is a deeper, longer lasting solution.

You can fix something on a superficial level by taking medicine or working on the physical level.

When we take it to a deeper level, the healing is more complete.

In yoga these levels or layers are called koshas. Pranamaya kosha is the next level after our physical (annamaya kosha).

When we give our attention to things outside of us (more often than we give attention to what is going on inside of us), we drain ourselves and give our power away.

Feeling drained is the result of being emotionally sensitive to external situations and people. There are tools and steps you can learn that will stop the energy drains. Wanna know what they are?

I have lots of tips and tools to cope with energy drains and strengthening your pranamaya kosha.

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Some tips to try right now:

  • Don’t resist feeling…fully. Let it flow through you.
  • Breath deeply into your belly 6 times.
  • Meditate daily.
  • Visualize yourself healthy and strong.
  • Download your own copy of my A.L.L.O.W. guided relaxation – simple steps to take back your power, destress and manifest what you want.
  • Be curious about how you respond to things/people/situations.
  • Talk about it with a friend, mentor or coach.

This all makes me think of a quote I shared on my Facebook Page:

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” ~Virginia Satir

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Empowered wishes,
~Rena, the Get Unstuck Coach

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11 comments to Drained or Overwhelmed? Try this!

  • Rena, as an introvert, I have learned to be very aware of how my energy is spent. I view my time and energy as my most precious commodity.
    This is such an important topic, especially to women, because we are taught from a very young age how to care for others. We watched our mothers sacrifice their own happiness to meet everyone elses needs and expectations. So many of that generation didn’t even realize they had a right be happy… and the thought of taking their power back is so foreign, it’s like speaking an entirely different language.

    High fives to you for your straightforward, compassionate approach to helping others find and discover their power.

    • Thank you Janet for sharing your truth! You are right, introverts, women and anyone who is giving more to others than to themselves can easily drain their energy. As you said, it is like speaking a different language – we must learn to take back our power and invest time and energy into taking care of ourselves.

      Big hugs to you for sharing here,

  • Excellent tips, and so true! Doing these things to take back your power changes EVERYTHING!!! What a great post, thank you! :)
    eyenie recently posted..Green Juice, Barefoot Running & Allowing Room for Softness: Women Living in NEON! Interview with Lacy Young!My Profile

  • Rena, I had never given much thought to the balance between attention given outside ourselves versus what is going on inside of us … as a source of becoming drained and overwhelmed. Yet, when I think about it, times of imbalance do indeed lead to those feelings. Thanks for the eye-opener!

    • Sharon, I really appreciate you sharing such truth from your heart. It is amazing how much imbalance we can create by focusing on what is going on outside of us or what we perceive as ‘being done to us’ instead of being curious about what we are feeling and what is being ‘activated’ inside of us. So much healing can blossom from it! I am honored to empower an eye-opening moment for you. Thank you for taking the time to share here.

      Sending you gratitude,

  • Just what I needed. How did you know? LOL.
    Lorna Tedder recently posted..The Curse of Attracting Broken PeopleMy Profile

  • Thanks for the nice tips, enjoy your weekend

  • I think you’re right on with #1 Don’t resist feeling. I used to do this all the time. I didn’t even know it was happening actually, until I went on the GAPS diet on the recommendation of my NP. The GAPS diet pretty much excludes anything that is good for burrying the emotions – sugar, grains, potato chips! And wow. The next two weeks, I think I cried every tear that I held in! A real visceral experience of the body holding emotions of the past.

    The part that was the most amazing though was that I really couldn’t do anything to stop the feelings from flowing through, and I started to realize that they did just that… flowed THROUGH. As in, if I felt them, I didn’t have to hold them anymore! I really think that feelings are like butterflies, the’re meant to fly free, not be pinned down underneath a cinnamon bun <3 Thanks so much for posting this!
    Lisa recently posted..Let’s Make it 500!My Profile

    • Beautifully said Lisa ~> “As in, if I felt them, I didn’t have to hold them anymore! I really think that feelings are like butterflies, the’re meant to fly free…”
      Then, it frees up so much energy (that we were using to hold our feelings down) to give to other areas of our life!

      Thank you for sharing your truth here.

      With gratitude,