6 Steps to Stop Self Sabotage

Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds. ~Napoleon Hill

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We all sabotage ourselves in subtle ways. We hold ourselves back from our full potential. We get stuck in unhealthy habits. We fall into the 5 traps that keep us stuck.

How do we change that? How do we pull ourselves out of the traps? It is all about CHOICE. Choice is where personal power lives.

CHOICE is an acronym for my 6 steps to stop self sabotage. Below is a summary of the 6 steps. If you want to learn how to implement each step and get practical tips on applying CHOICE in your life, consider enrolling in my Stop Self Sabotage Class. (It’s super affordable!)

6 Steps to Stop Self Sabotage:

  1. C – Commit to change! – Make the decision to stop falling into one of the 5 traps and commit to to change and commit to yourself. Set a powerful intention. This is especially helpful if you are stuck in the trap of draining your energy.  “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson - Making that commitment and that decision can be scary and sometimes you need a kick in the pants. There are some very specific things you need to have in order to overcome your inner ‘comfort seeker’ that wants to keep doing what you are doing. I’ll be sharing specific secrets in the Stop Self Sabotage Class on  How to give yourself a kick in the pants to truly commit to what you want, how to set powerful intentions and how to overcome your ‘inner comfort seeker’ who is keeping you stuck on the couch or stuck in doing the same old things.
  2. H – Have the how – Must know how you are stuck and have a plan on how to move forward. This can help if you are stuck in the trap of Inaction. Having the how gives you a place to begin with your commitment to change. You may know how you are stuck but not have a plan to move forward. How will you make more me-time that works for you? How will you make yourself open to meet your soul-mate? How will you be more financially abundant? What is the how that you need to have? What plan is missing for you? I will cover how to create a powerful plan and how to make success-focused goals.
  3. O -  Own your feelings - This is the opposite of ignoring your feelings – I will teach you techniques to find the wisdom and messages in your feelings  honoring emotions is about honoring the feminine it brings balance and intuition into everyday life. You will learn how to hear your inner wisdom. It is also about own your fears. Owning when you indulge in the Sabotaging 3 C’s. It is also about being willing to be vulnerable which opens you up to softness, love and beauty.
  4. I – Imagine success – If you fall into the trap of worry, you are doing the opposite of imagining success. The solution is to visualize what you DO want instead. You must do it on a regular basis. I teach secrets to powerful and quick visualization and how to practice in a way that is successful for your unique way of visualizing (because it is different for each of us).
  5. C – Celebrate your strengths, your success, others success and what is working. This is key to overcoming the trap of the Sabotaging 3 Cs. There are some powerful practical ways to do this quickly and easily so it becomes a new mindset. This is about changing your mindset and your approach to success. When you learn to focus on the flowers in your life instead of on the weeds, your garden of life will blossom and grow abundantly.
  6. E – Express Success through your words and actions – how you talk about yourself and your life shapes your actions and your beliefs. In class I will share specific tips on how to retrain your brain to express success instead of being stuck in worry the 3cs and inaction.

Action for YOU:

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What do you think? Which step do you need to work on?

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