Are You Letting Excuses Keep You Stuck?

Are you making excuses that keep you from flow? Are you making excuses to not move forward with your dreams? Excuses can be sneaky. The way we talk about ourselves and our future actually impacts what we end up doing. Excuses can keep you sitting in the same place and immobile like a statue.

Do you say things like: Photo of my Om Gnome Statue
“I will try to.”
“I would like to but….”
“I am just too busy.”
“I am just so tired.”
“I don’t know.” “I am not sure.”
“Maybe later (next week, next month, etc.)”

If you do, these are keeping you stuck. So ….
Consider this:
You do know. You have the answers inside you. You know what is right for you. You have just forgotten how to listen to your inner wisdom.

Best way to Get Unstuck?
Do something different. Take action. See what happens. Let me know how it goes!

A Few Ways to Flow More and Get Unstuck:

  • Breathe deeply (often).
  • Slow down.
  • Practice listening to your inner wisdom (need help or ways to practice? – contact me!)
  • Be in nature.
  • Be fully present with a child.

Wanna to stop self sabotage; create more balance and success for yourself?

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What helps you flow more and get unstuck? Leave a reply/comment!

Flowing wishes to you,
~Rena, the Get Unstuck Coach

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2 comments to Are You Letting Excuses Keep You Stuck?

  • Great tips here. I think the thing that helps me the most is the point you made about “listening to your inner wisdom”. Too often we try to figure it all out in our heads, when in reality if we simply listen the answers will often come far more quickly.

    Best to you,
    Scott Cofer recently posted..Motivation Monday 3 – Stop Making Excuses!My Profile

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment Scott!
      I love the way you put it – that when” we simply listen (within) the answers come far more quickly.”
      It’s so true. And, slowing down and relaxing helps us to hear that inner wisdom far more easily too. ;-)

      Warm wishes to you,