Yes, Actually, You DO Have Time!

So often I hear my clients, friends and even myself, say, “I can’t. I just don’t have time.” Or “I’d really like to take some time for myself but I just don’t have the time.”

Have you ever said this or something similar? I bet you have!

Well, I recently shared my quick and easy steps to DeStress and Manifest with tons of fabulous women and I proved us all wrong!

We met via phone for just 12 minutes to go through my 5 Steps to DeStress and Manifest Guided Relaxation and Visualization and some amazing things started happening.

Women started stepping into their power. They started owning their truth.

“I know what I am taking away from this wonderful group of ladies & Rena Hatch is more than I could ever ask for in my lifetime. This is a new chapter in my life and I’ll be a stronger, more confident, authentic Heather than I’ve ever been.” ~Heather Weber, Mother and Disabled Navy Veteran 1st Gulf War, North Port, FL

“(The DeStress and Manifest has) really helped me a lot. I have notice more peace within me on situations. I am ending a cycle with my marriage of 28 yrs this year and believe me the releasing and transition has been a emotional roller coaster, but am finally finding peace and beauty all around. ~Kathy Firkins, spiritual healer, lightworker, apache junction , az

They also said over and over’ “Wow, I use to think I didn’t have the time to spend on my dreams. Now I see it doesn’t take that much time.”

As one of the participants, Jenn Flaa, Author of The Happiness Handbook and CEO of Vettanna and lead vocalist for Urban Fiction, said , 12 minutes is totally doable. When I’m sooo busy anything greater is harder to “make time for.”

I hear similar insights and see similar changes in my private coaching clients. It is all about the power of our thoughts and the power of relaxation and visualization. Both make shifts happen in our body and mind.

It fills me with gratitude to see such amazing women sharing their Authentic True Selves with the world!

The New Year is almost here! What would taking 12 minutes for yourself each day mean to you?

If you don’t, what are you giving up? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Get your own copy of the 12 minutes of DeStress and Manifest at this link:

Warm wishes in support of Your Authentic Self, ~Rena, the Get Unstuck Coach

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