Indulge In What Fills You Up

I have been losing time and gaining hunger every time I visit Pinterest. What about you? Do you spend time on Pinterest?

Today while I was busy pinning, repinning and getting hungry I decided to take a few minutes to make some of my famously (among my friends and family) addictive popcorn.

Photo of yummy popcorn(Cook on stove in big pot. Then add ghee, salt, pepper, paprika, all purpose seasoning, hing, and nutritional yeast. So yum!)

Although this isn’t a food blog, healthy cooking is something I enjoy, so I thought I’d share a short post related to it.

I get really into cooking during the fall and winter due to all the rain here in the Pacific Northwest.

One way to Get Unstuck is to spend time doing things you love. It is the art of Self Nurturance! Let yourself indulge in the things that lighten your heart and lift your spirit. What activities make you loose track of time? When do you feel light and joyous?

You must indulge in what fills you up not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For each of us this will be different and may shift throughout the day, month and year.

Trust your inner wisdom. Take time to slow down and listen to your heart. What are you yearning for? What are all the delightful, healthy ways you might give that to yourself?

In the spring and summer I much more interested in being in nature and spend way less time in the kitchen.

How do your interests and habits shift with the seasons?

I’ve been saving up some ideas and recipes to try out this fall on my “I Gotta Make This” Board.

Each fall-time I set the intention to try new things in my life (including new recipes). It makes me feel ready for all the newness of the new calendar year. It also gets me jazzed to set new goals and intentions for the New Year! (I prefer intentions and goals to ‘resolutions’.) In my post ‘What gets me all excited‘ I share more about all that. Check it out!

What gets you jazzed? What new things, recipes, adventures might you try? Do share a reply/comment below!

Sweet wishes,
~Rena, the ‘Get Unstuck’ Coach

p.s. Do you get stuck when it comes to trusting your inner wisdom or taking time to slow down and listen to your heart?

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