Finding Mindfulness in the Unexpected

Have you ever noticed how everything seems more intense, more exciting when on vacation? I have been traveling a bit lately and noticing this.

Photo of vista after a hike

One of my trips was to beautiful British Columbia and one to Northern California. On one trip I expected it to be relaxing and it turned out to be more stressful than soothing. The other trip ended up being delightful and relaxing – which is not always the case when my parents, my sister, my grandma and I are all staying in the same house (Lol).

Traveling always seems to give me a new perspective on my life. It gives me a chance to experience new places and people. It also gives me a chance to practice mindfulness.

I am so ‘in the moment’ that I am naturally more mindful than when I am mindlessly going through my daily routine at home. It is so easy to get stuck in a routine and just be on ‘autopilot‘. I love how vacation and traveling is a fun way to get unstuck!

On my BC trip we encountered a bear! Okay, we saw a bear in our camp site and our cooler had an ‘encounter’ with him. He ate most of our food and returned everyday, twice a day, after that. Needless to say, this kept us on our toes and kept me in a heightened state of  ’mindfulness’.

Cooler attacked by bear

In addition to the adrenaline pumping, daily bear sightings, simply being in a new place and having a sense of adventure created a state of mindfulness. My husband and I felt like kids on an adventure. Each day we would wake up not knowing what new things we would experience. We kept our hearts and minds open as we traveled around during the day exploring new hiking trails, new vistas, new cities, new people and places!

There is lots more to tell about my adventures yet it will need to wait for the next post. I must run off to connect with the lovelies on my mailing list, get ready for a coaching session and then head out for a beach walk.

Until next time … stop by Roots of She and read my Guest Post: From Frazzled to Fluffy

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Your turn:

What gives you a new perspective and kicks you out of your routine?

When are you more mindful?

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