Why Hire a Life Coach?

“When someone deeply listens to you, your bare feet are on the earth and a beloved land that seemed distant is now at home within you.” ~ John Fox

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Here’s my story about hiring a life coach: When I was feeling stuck and lost (when I was still a scientist living in Texas), I started working with a life coach. I was skeptical and not even sure what this whole ‘life coaching’ was all about. It sounded a little strange to my scientific mind. At first it was challenging for me to open up and release my all the ‘analyzing’ of my answers. Yet, I felt so deeply heard and seen by my life coach. It encouraged me to open up and trust myself.

As I continued with the sessions, I learned to trust my intuition and reconnect to my emotions. Working with a life coach brought balance into my life. I became more balanced in myself as well as I learned to honor the more feminine flowing intuitive aspects of myself. Each session became something I looked forward to. It was time set aside just for me to connect deeply to my Authentic Sacred Self. It was a time where answers would bubble up from deep within me. It was through life coaching and (meditation and yoga) that I choose to follow the path I am now deeply into. I left my career as a geophysicist and created a new career for myself as a yoga teacher, life coach and business owner.

My work with a life coach and my transformation inspired me to become a life coach. Now I have been coaching for many years and have worked with tons of clients. Based on my personal and profession work these are my top 5 reasons to work with a life coach:

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

  1. Feel better – To feel lighter, more relaxed, more confident, more authentic, more focused, more energized, etc. Hiring a life coach can be like hitting a reset button on your life. It’s an opportunity to start fresh. It is time set aside just for you … and to focus on you. It’s a chance to be self-full (not selfish). To spend time talking about what you REALLY want and what is truly important to you. Once you start to think about and focus on what you REALLY want, you naturally start to manifest it in your life.
  2. Create balance – You will move beyond going through the motions and only doing what you ‘have to’. You will start doing more of what you really want to. When you work with a good life coach you will find and create balance in your life as you spend time talking about your deep truths, your authentic desires and build a plan to get there. You will be taking regular time to give to yourself. This in itself creates balance. As you work on your personal development you are building your relationship with YOU. Our relationship to ourselves is the most important relationship we have. It directly impacts all other relationships in our life.
  3. Gain focus and clarity - With a good life coach you will start to get clear on what is a priority for you and how to stay focused on that. You will also get really clear and honest about where you are right now – how far off are you from where you really want to be? What is keeping you stuck? Your life coach will support you to make concrete goals and a clear vision of where you are headed. She will keep you on track and support you to get there. She will listen to you as you have never been listened to before. She will see you and hear you fully as your Authentic Self.
  4. Make wiser decisions – Once you hire a good life coach you start learning to trust your inner wisdom and intuition. You will actually start to think differently! It is as if you retrain your brain to appreciate the good and find the positive in your life. This allows you to look for solutions not problems. You will learn new ways to think and perceive your life and relationships. You will gain a wider perspective. You will receive unbiased, non-judgemental support and guidance. You will learn to stop Self Sabotage, self doubt and overcome restrictive beliefs.
  5. Get an action plan! – You will leave each session with inspired actions to take before your next session. You will get ideas and a plan to start creating what you want in you life. You must start doing something different to get different results. If you keep doing what you are doing you will get more of the same.

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ ve always got.” ~W.L. Bateman

If you would like to learn more about my life coaching services go here: StretchBeyondStuck Coaching

“Coaching gives me something to look forward to, it opens a door to something I can’t seem to open myself and allows me to become a different person, it allows me to use my intuition.  My senses seem to come alive and propel me forward during the session instead of my analytical brain organizing tasks and shutting down my intuition.” ~Renee  G., Working Mom, Juneau, Alaska

If you are not quite ready to hire a life a coach, you might want to try …

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5 comments to Why Hire a Life Coach?

  • I am very happy to what I have learn from a great post like this which I could relate with. In return, I would like to share my comment – Personal coaching offers the drive, accountability, and support structures, to help prospects executive and conduct their very best. This might include monitoring growth and having frequent “check in” sessions to confront obstacles and troubles that come up along the way. Personal coaching can also help clients become aware of and overcome inner obstacles that is usually holding them back. The coach serves as a “mirror” that allows clients to see their own habits from a fresh viewpoint. A coach can also assist clients to see counterproductive patterns, language and actions that must transform in order to achieve their objectives.

  • Great post Rena.

    Many of us (me included) often wonder why people hire life coaches. I understand what it’s like to be stuck. I wish that I knew about life coaching back when I was stuck. It took me decades to figure out how to get unstuck and I bet I would have been able to do it in weeks (I’m optimistic) maybe months with a life coach.

    I will tweet this because I think there are lots of people out there who need to know about how coaching can help them.


    • Thank you Saundra,
      I agree, you would have gotten Unstuck in a few weeks or months with a good life coach! It usually takes a few months to create a new mindset but you can get deep insights and some amazing ‘ah-ha’ moments in just one session.
      Thank you for sharing the information and tweeting this.

      Much gratitude,

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