To-Dos Weighing You Down?

Doesn’t it feel great to finally do something that you’ve been meaning to do for a long time?

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I recently completed 3 things that I’ve been ‘thinking’ about doing and ‘meaning’ to do ‘forever’ – well, for a long time.

After completing them, my heart and mind now feel open and lighter.

Isn’t it funny how just ‘meaning’ to do something (yet not doing it), can feel like a weight?

Something that we mean to do, but don’t actually take action toward, keeps us feeling stuck and weighed down mentally and emotionally.

The key is taking tiny steps to empower yourself toward your goal.

Sometimes it is just as important to clarifying your goal. (If you would like to set some compelling goals for yourself, download my FREE Blossom Into Your Year Workbook.)

My background goals – goals that I ‘kinda want to do’ but I haven’t given them much thought, energy or attention – were recently achieved!

I achieved them by bringing them into the forefront. I gave them my attention. I set some clear steps for myself. I made the decision to Do Something Different!

Just this past weekend, I finally made it to a yoga class that I’ve been wanting/meaning to go to for 2 years! It is at 8am on Saturdays and I usually prefer to sleep in and have long, lazy mornings with my kitties and my hubby. Yet a friend, who goes to the class regularly, offered to pick me up and take me with her. This was the little extra nudge I needed to make it happen.

I was so proud of myself for making it to class. I let myself feel all the good feelings that came up when I congratulated myself (and thanked my friend). It felt so good that I wanted to do something else that I had been putting off. One success plants seeds for the next!

Yesterday, I finally got my behind out of the house in time to make it to a fabulous, fun dance class that I’ve been wanting to attend for weeks! It took me planning waaaaay ahead and setting an alarm to stop working. I have always loved dance classes. My body just soaks up the rhythm. My body and heart feel lighter afterwards. I asked myself after class, ‘What else have you been putting off that you can dare to achieve now?’

The answer came: ‘Post in my blog!’ I’ve been behind in my blog posts and ‘meaning’ to post for weeks now. So, I took a walk on the beach and the blog post started to form in my mind. When I got home, I simply typed it up.

The snowball effect had been created by all that success over the past few days. Ah, so liberating!

My success secrets: I made sure to congratulate myself for achieving each goal. By allowing myself to really absorb how good it feels to set a goal and achieve it, it created a momentum and a desire to achieve success again and again with new and different goals.


What have you accomplished lately that has been on your to-do list or on your mind for what-seems-like forever?

What would you like to complete that has been weighing you down?

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