Clear Away the Clouds of Self-Doubt

Don’t let your inner light be covered over by the clouds of self-doubt, confusion or fear. Your Inner Sunshine is that inner glow and inner spark that lights you up from the inside.

photo of clouds

When we are feeling stuck in some area of our life, it is because our Inner Sunshine has been dimmed.

It’s falltime here at the Oregon Coast and the weather varies between light sprinkles, sunshine and rain showers. The sunshine seems to be scarce and hiding behind clouds all the time. The days are shorter with less sunshine and more darkness. It’s the perfect time to write about Inner Sunshine.

When clouds of self-doubt, confusion or fear cover over our Inner Sunshine, we can forget it even exists. But it is always there shining behind the clouds.

Inner Sunshine is fueled by those things in life that inspire us, excite us and light us up. Inner Sunshine can be found by spending time connecting to your Inner Sanctuary.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what really inspires me and how I can spend more time doing things that light my inner spark. For me one of those things is writing; writing in my journal, writing poetry, writing advice to my e-coaching clients, writing my book, and writing tips and inspiration to share on my Facebook page, Google plus page and Twitter.

Wow, when I see it all listed like that, it looks like a lot of writing!

That’s why I am a firm believer in the power of writing things down. Putting pen to paper (or in my case, typing on a laptop). It gives you perspective and a chance to really ‘see’ what you are thinking. It gives you clarity and often sparks insight and healing. It can reconnect you to your inner spark and help to clear away the clouds of doubt, confusion and frustration.

What lights your inner spark? What area of your life is missing some Inner Sunshine? Share your thoughts with a comment/reply below!

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6 comments to Clear Away the Clouds of Self-Doubt

  • I know that writing for those of us who are inclined can really help. I am very auditory. For me a great discussion with like minded souls or with those are are seeking something more always stirs me. I also find inspiration is certain types of music that have me listening to the inner voice can put me in touch at times. It’s most important each one of us to know what helps us find that connection. ;D

    • Billy,
      I love what you’ve written! Thank you for sharing your perspective. I really resonate with what you’ve shared and I’m sure other readers will too. Taping into either our visual, auditory or sensory perception (depending on which works for each of us) can connect us more deeply to that inner wisdom with in.

      With appreciation,

  • Even when I wasn’t writing full time, the surest place to find my inner sunshine was through writing ~ random thoughts, journaling, poetry ~ I could always find my way back to myself if I just picked up a pen and a piece of paper. For me there seems to be a direct connection from my heart to the written word. Interestingly enough it completely bypasses my mouth! I can’t express myself verbally at all! There are as many ways to find our inner sunshine as their are people in the world and uncovering it is is worth the effort. Thanks for the reminder. (I love the photo!)

    • Oh Dorothy,
      Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts about finding your inner sunshine. Thanks for making me laugh – I feel the same way sometimes about not being able to express myself verbally. ;-)

      With gratitude,

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