The Secret to Less Stress and Strain

When have you felt in flow with life?

Photo of tide coming in

Life seems to ebb and flow like the tide. People, events, things come and go from your life. If you hold on when you are meant to let go, you can get dragged out to sea and caught up in a rip-current. You will experience much more pain with that than if you would have just let go. Relax, release and surrender leaves you less drained and ready to greet what is flowing toward you.

Trust is what I find to be the key ingredient that allows me to truly relax, release and surrender. I trust in myself to handle what shows up. I trust in the Divine to deliver just what I need for my inner growth.

There is less stress and strain and more trust. When I trust, my life flows. When I trust, my heart opens to the beauty of life. When I trust the tension flows out of my shoulders and my mind is able to expand with possibilities.

It takes practice! Yet the more I practice trusting in myself and the bigger picture, the more natural it feels. I catch myself listening to my inner wisdom and using it to guide my decisions and my life. In the past, my scientific mind (I use to be a Geophysicist) would have dismissed my intuition and created spreadsheets, lists, and looked at ‘just the facts’. And, in the past, my life felt like much more of a struggle. It was as if I was forcing things to happened and always wanting things to be different than how they were.

Now, I still have dreams, hopes and goals. That has not changed. It is just my mindset that is different. My attitude is different. My approach to life has shifted. I do not ‘pursue’ my dreams as much as I actually let them guide me. The actions I take are guide by my inner wisdom and may seem more organic and ‘less logical’ than in the past. I’d say the actions are also more joyful!

How do you approach your life? Does it feel like a struggle or an adventure? Please share your thoughts with me below!

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2 comments to The Secret to Less Stress and Strain

  • Rena… a same suggestive of storms… so many I’ve endured since I last rented a video out to you at the store I used work at back in the old neighborhood. Thank you for such inspirational thoughts, but all adventures are struggles in one way or another. It’s not easy climbing El Capitán or Everest, especially if you’re climbing all alone. You’ve given much to think about. :) Good thoughts and blessing for everyone in your family.


    • Gregory,
      Thank you for sharing your truth! Your sharing about struggles makes me think of my favorite quote: “The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is
      whether you are cursing your bruised knee or admiring the view.” ~Silent Owl … To me that means every event in our life can be interpreted as struggle or as a stepping stone to our next adventure. I believe that everything happens just as it is meant to … to get us to the next place we are meant to be or to learn something about ourselves! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I’m sure it will support other readers.
      With appreciation,