How to Overcome Resistance to Change

Have you tried to make a big change in your life only to slip back into old unhealthy habits? It happens to all of us. There is actual a part of our mind that wants to keep us ‘stuck’.

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There’s a part of our mind that associates old, ‘comfortable’ habits with safety. I can almost hear that ‘comfort-seeking mind’ when I start to make a change say, “Oh, no. No way. I like things just as they are. Let’s just stay here. It’s so comfortable. Over-there is too scary!”

There is a great formula to keep in mind that shows the 3 things we need to over-ride that ‘comfort-seeking mind’ and overcome our resistance to change. (The Change Formula below was started by Gleicher, promoted by Beckhard and Harris and Kathleen Dannemiller made it easy to use and remember)

D x V x F > RC


D is Dissatisfaction – You must be dissatisfied enough to say, “Okay, I’ve had enough. I’m ready to change!”

V is Vision – You must have a clear vision of how you want things to be instead of how they are.

F is First Steps – You must have an idea of what your first steps are.

> means ‘greater than’ – Your D, V, and F must be big enough, ie. greater than …

RC is Resistance to Change – This is a big one. We could assign it a large number. Your D and V and your F must be clear and strong to overcome this guy!

You must have something for each one (D, V, F). If anyone of the D, V or F is zero then the entire left side of the equation will be zero and clearly not greater than RC.

To overcome your resistance to change you must be dissatisfied with how things are as well as know how things ‘could be’ and know your 1st steps toward that vision.

Once you take the first steps you’ve made it past the big hurdle, yet you must keep your vision clear and strong as well as creating the next, new first steps. This formula can help us keep the momentum moving forward so we don’t slip backwards (where our comfort-loving part of our mind wants us to stay).

If you need help clarifying or intensifying your D, V or F, contact me or leave a comment below!

How are you doing with changing your unhealthy habits? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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