Top 9 Symptoms of Being Stuck

We all have challenging days and struggles. Yet, does it seem like sometimes you are having a challenging week, or month or year? If so, you might be stuck.

Photo of kitty stuck in box

I remember when I was stuck for years on end.  I constantly felt like something was missing. It seemed like I was cramming myself into some life or idea of life that just did not fit me.

I tried reading inspiring books and talking to friends yet nothing seemed to ease my struggle. Most of my friends at the time didn’t ‘get it’ since I was living a successful life from their perspective. I had a successful career as a working scientist, a fabulous place to live and a good looking, supportive boyfriend. Yet, deep inside me there was a struggle going on.

It was through my struggle that I grew and blossomed into being more fully myself. If I had ignored my feeling that ‘something was missing’ I would have missed out on my opportunity for growth and change.

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” ~Bernice Johnson Reagon

Now, as a certified life coach, yoga teacher and earth medicine expert, I support busy women to get unstuck.

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Below is a list I complied based on my work with my clients and from my own experience.

Top 9 Symptoms of Being Stuck:

  1. Lost or confused – not sure of who you are authentically.
  2. Something is missing – always searching for something.
  3. Bored – nothing holds your attention or seems interesting.
  4. Low energy – feeling tired more often than energized.
  5. Numb – can’t feel your emotions or  ‘just don’t care’.
  6. Frustrated – annoyed by the same things over and over.
  7. Restless – general uneasiness or unsettled, nervous, etc.
  8. Overwhelmed – by too many emotions, ideas or activities.
  9. Unhealthy habits – repeating them, even though you know better.

Your Turn…

Which one(s) have you experienced? Which have you witnessed in your friends? What would you add to this list? Please share with a comment below!

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8 comments to Top 9 Symptoms of Being Stuck

  • Adorable photo.:) I have two. Self-doubt and comparing myself to other writers. Which kind of go hand in hand in this case.

    There are times when I feel good and don’t think about those negatives, but when I do, stuck-city is where I am.

    • Hi Diana,
      Your comment is so relevant! Thank you. You are right … when we compare ourselves to others we then get stuck in self-doubt.
      Comparing ourselves to others is one of the 3C’s of giving away our personal power and one of the ways we keep ourselves stuck.
      The 3 C’s = Complaining, Comparing, and Criticizing (ourselves or others).
      Stop doing the 3 C’s and replace them with just one C – Compassion for yourself and others.

      Much gratitude,

  • I love the picture of the cat and how it captures the idea of being stuck with lack of movement and not at all comfortable! I was intrigued by your ‘signs of being stuck’ post. I suggest doing one small thing different can help. So for example if you have a pattern of old behaviour that you keep on doing that is not working for you, try one thing a little different. It can be as simple as sitting in a different chair! Stephanie

  • Rena – can I first say I HAD to read this post if for no other reason than that adorable cat in the box image…love it. For me, I would have to say feeling of overwhelm is something I often struggle with (and then the feeling of impatience is nearly always a corollary emotion). I have learned that I just have to stop whatever it is that I’m doing, and make a list. Then I just have to accept that I’ll get through what I can that day, and be okay with it. Love this blog :) ~Norma

    • Norma,

      I’m glad you like the photo. I love her. She’s such a cutie (and a little crazy)!
      Your your symptom of being stuck is one I think many women can relate to.
      I appreciate how your experience is mainly overwhelm and that impatiences results from this overwhelm. Your ‘cure’ is great. And what a key point – “to accept that I’ll get through what I can that day.”

      Much gratitude,

  • Impatience! When I start getting impatient with myself it means I need a break and stop. If it’s real bad I’ll kick box or dance the frustration away. Love the topic and thank you! Love, Goddess

    • Goddess Sharon,

      What a great #10 Symptom of Being Stuck. And, thank you for also sharing what you do to ‘cure’ the symptom! LOL!

      With gratitude,
      Goddess Rena

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