Stuck in Negative Thoughts? Try this!

I recently was reminded how much our perspective can shift based on our thoughts and our mindset.

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Just the other day I was feeling very sick. I was feeling icky and exhausted. All I noticed was how terrible I felt and all the things that seemed to be upsetting and irritating. It was as if I was being pulled down into a deep dark hole never to escape or see light again.

While in the midst of my icky sickness, I was overcome by a negative mindset and a problem focus. My mind kept coming up with more and more things to be worried about!

After feeling awful for a day or so, I received a coaching session. (Thank goodness!) I then quickly reconnected to my inner wisdom and the soft light of hope began to shine.  I remembered that my mindset influences my physical well being. I began to visualize and imagine feeling healthy again. I took active steps to help myself feel better.

After I started to feel better, my perspective widened and I was amazed at how powerful my mind is. I know and believe in the power of the mind, yet it is another thing to experience it and have a change in perspective so quickly.

This gave me a greater understanding for my clients who are sometimes stuck in a negative mindset. I realized that when you are in the midst of crisis, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual crisis, it is extremely challenging to pull yourself up out of it.

To get out of the negative mindset you must be willing to soften and ask for help.

To get back to a success-focused, positive mindset try this:

  • Stop resisting it. Soften. Rest – give yourself permission to slow down.
  • Ask for help! From friends, a coach, a counselor, etc.
  • Look for little healthy things that make you feel better. Hot bath, sunset, etc.
  • Imagine yourself feeling more positive. How might you be different?
  • Take active steps. Do something different!

Your Turn:

What might work for you next time you are stuck in a negative mindset? Please share your thoughts below.

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