Wanna Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck in unhealthy habits, unfulfilling career, frustrating relationships, and stress filled days?

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Wanna stop self sabotage and live as the confident, healthy you that is just hiding inside you?

If you have been feeling like there is more to you and so much more you could be sharing with the world, then now it is time to make changes.

I remember feeling stuck and not knowing where to turn and how to make the right changes. I am so grateful to my first life coach who helped me uncover the fabulous, flowing, feminine me that was hiding under my tough, masculine mask that I showed the world.

Now I have discovered how to live as a balanced me who is soft and strong. It is my passion to share with other women the tools to find their Authentic Goddess Self that might be hiding within them. Or if she’s not hiding just giving her a little buffing to get her to shine more!

“It is like something that was in me really did get un-stuck and the flood gates are opening; it’s a miracle. And it’s all happening so fast. Thank you again for everything.” ~Sincerely, Layla Kelly, Crystal Jewelry Artist, Nehalem, Oregon.

Ready to Get Unstuck?

“Rena allows me to be 100% responsible for the direction and pace of my progress, yet amazingly, she guides me beyond the goals I could ever set for myself. If you’re feeling like you’d like to do or be more, hire Rena to coach you today, your life is worth it and the world is waiting, you will be forever grateful.” ~Katie Todd, Renewal Energy Professional, Artist, Pilates Instructor, and Mother
Portland, OR, www.KatieToddArt.com

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  • Hi. I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks. I have been following your blog for a month or so and have picked up a heap of good information as well as enjoyed the way you’ve structured your site.

  • Amberly Milwee

    your post essentially aids, these days i obtain the exact same issues, and i’ve no thought on ways to solve the situation. thank god i look yahoo and discovered your post, it assists me get rid of my trouble. thanks as soon as again just one thing, may i paste your article on my blog? i will add the source and credit to your web-site.regards!