Softly Strong in a Sea of Fog

Walking in a sea of fog during the low tide today was a mystical experience …

Photo of Sea of Fog

Photo by Rena Hatch

Soft air is all around me.

Soft light fully surrounds me.

The only sounds are my breathing, my footsteps and the unseen ocean waves far off in the distance.

One minute I feel completely safe. The next doubts arise … where am I going? I can’t see.

A seagull flies out of the fog heading the direction I came.

Then there is only me.

It is freeing. No one can see me. I am alone but not lonely.

It is disorienting.

No landmarks. No people. Nothing.

Such loud silence.

Such spacious emptiness.

I connect to the solid earth beneath me.

Listen to the shrouded ocean.

My inner knowing leads me.

Everything is white and glowing.

Softly strong I walk on.

~Rena Hatch
Nov. 4, 2010

What moves you to create poetry or other art? How often do you express your creative side?

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5 comments to Softly Strong in a Sea of Fog

  • Melvin L Morse MD

    Hauntingly lyrical, wonderfully rhythmic, true poetry. It takes us to the edge of our deepest anxieties and fear, and then reassures us: we can be alone, but not lonely. It reminds me so poignantly of a child’s near death experience. Thank you for this poem, it will comfort and inspire me for years to come. With the author’s permission I would like to use parts of it in my lectures.

    • Thank you Melvin. Your words warm my heart and inspire me!
      I would be honored to have you use parts of the poem as long as you reference me, Rena Hatch, and when appropriate direct people to my blog and/or book (once it’s published!).
      With gratitude,

  • Rena, beauty, calmness, lostness, and yet not. I feel suspended by your words. Thanks.

  • Gorgeous, Rena… I’ve read it a couple of times.

    I think what ultimately inspires me to make art lies somewhere between a combination of vision, expression and the need to elevate what might seem common and ordinary in every day life but is truly a once-in-a-lifetime, never-to-happen-again moment on earth.

  • What a beautiful poem, Rena!! I could so imagine walking beside you. It was absolutely perfect!!! Thank you so much for sharing it.