How to Let Go of What's Not Working

Are you holding on to a way of being, a relationship, a job, an old habit that is not really serving your highest and best self?

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How do you know when it’s time to walk away? How do you let it go?

Often we keep ourselves stuck by holding on to what we know is not really working in our life. Even though we realize it may be time for a change, it’s challenging to open and actually release it.

There’s an aspect of our mind that actually does not like change and will keep us holding on to old ways of being just because it feels ‘comfortable’. It takes some effort and planning to overcome this emotional aspect of our mind that wants to just keep doing what we’ve been doing no matter what.

I’ve experienced this personally …

Years ago I was a scientist that was living a very busy, stressed, unhealthy life style. I reached a critical point where I looked around my office and felt like I was living someone else’s life. I felt like all the scientific books, all the data plots on my desk and the technical reports were meaningless. I wanted to bolt out of my office. I had to hold onto the desk to keep myself from running out that minute.

Then I started deepening my yoga practice and working with a life coach, I started to have some ‘aha’ moments. I began to realize that my current path and my life style where not really serving my deeper needs. I was living my life based on other people’s ideas and beliefs, not my own.

But I was attached to my identity as a successful scientist. I liked my comfortable life style. I did not like the idea stepping into the scary, unknown space of change.

Luckily, I had the support of a life coach and was able to listen to my deeper wisdom to let go of being a scientist and start living a much more satisfying, healthy and exciting life that I soooo love!

How did I let go?

With the following …

  1. Belief - that something better was possible for me.
  2. Trust - in my deep feelings and intuition that kept sending me signals.
  3. Dissatisfaction – with the pain, frustration, lack of energy, being stuck.
  4. A clear vision – of where I wanted to be and how I wanted to be doing it.
  5. First steps – to get me started toward my vision.
  6. Support of a life coach – unbiased person for perspective and advice.
  7. Willingness – to give my vision and my ‘future self’ a chance.

Are you ready to let go of something that’s not working in your life?

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12 comments to How to Let Go of What’s Not Working

  • Yes! I’m loving this! My blog is “whitespace” and how we can create it. I focus on bloggers, but I’m totally going to write something inspired by the quote on your facebook page and this (will definitely link up). Thanks for sharing! You are wonderful!

  • Super! I certainly can read this day after day. My best to you! We all had such a great foundation didn’t we in Blisscipline days. You are such a pro-

    LuV Suz
    The Wake Up Your Magic Lady
    Life Alchemist

    • Susan!
      It’s such a pleasure to hear from you! That’s a huge compliment “I certainly can read this day after day”. Thank you.
      Yes, I really enjoyed leading the daily guided meditations for Blisscipline.
      Thanks for staying in touch.


  • christine tebben

    Hello Rena, Divine Guidance led me here today to be “curious” and to navigate your site…

    Sometimes in my life I felt like i am a trapeze artist going from one swing to the next but not successful at it because i was afraid to let go of the first swing… I had to rely on the ‘catcher’ for safety. I have come to realize through my experiences that when i let go for that next swing that my ‘higher power’ is my catcher and that there is also a ‘net’ underneath the whole trapeze. My friends and family are the ‘net’. I have learned to Let Go and Let God. I have turned my fear to faith and boy let me tell you that was not easy. I still have some patterns that i repeat in my life because they feel comfortable. For example going for guys who don’t really like me for me or who cannot appreciate the light inside that i have to share. However when i do meet a guy who loves me for me and falls in love with me … I push him away and don’t reciprocate his love. So i am struggling with my non-attraction to the guy who loves me…I have told him I am not attracted to him and that i don’t want to be his girlfriend..he insists that we have a soul connection and that he will wait until i wake up to the fact that we are supposed to be together…. i tell him i have faith that what is going on right now in my life is what is supposed to be. For the first time in my life i am starting to love myself…that’s a big one…i am 43 years old and could never say that i loved me… anyway…letting go of old patterns is like not being able to put on those comfortable slippers. I own a business and am a new real estate agen on Long Island… i am glad i found your site. Christine

    • Christine,
      I’m honored to hear that Divine Guidance lead you here and that you signed up for the ‘Curious Membership’. Welcome!
      Your words are beautiful and show that your inner wisdom is guiding you perfectly.
      Just as you say, ‘letting go of old patterns is like not being able to put on those comfortable slippers’… it is challenging to let go of old patterns because they are *extremely comfortable*.
      It’s my mission to support women just like you. I share tools and teachings on how to let go of those old patterns and move forward with healthier habits and strong boundaries. Learn more by clicking => Get Unstuck

      I look forward to our continued connection,

  • jess lanzilotta

    Thank you for the Post.Encouraging words while I’m Constructing a vision of where I want to be and “how” I want to do it..Still not sure! Even though I am not sure, I am taking steps toward my imagined future, and trying out new things..Keep moving Forward, right?

    • Jess,
      You are so welcome! It’s wonderful to hear that you are “constructing a vision of where you want to be and how you want to do it!”
      That is such a great way to use your mind. Our mind is a powerful tool that can keep us stuck or move us forward, depending on how we use it.
      And you sound like you are on track by ‘taking steps toward your imagined future’. Yeah!
      I often tell my clients to ‘do something different’ like try new things. If you want some fun, easy support to keep you moving forward, I’d love to have you join my new program, Get Unstuck. Click for more information => Get Unstuck for 2011!

      In support of you,

  • Wonderful post, Rena! I can’t imagine you as a scientist! Even though I’ve never met you in person, it seems like being a scientist would not allow you the freedom to follow where your spirit leads. Staying with what’s familiar is so much easier in the short run, but in the long run it doesn’t allow us to grow and develop into what we’re meant to be. Clarifying how to “let go” of old ways of being that are no longer supporting us was a great way to end your post.


    • Linda! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I so appreciate it.
      And, I know what you mean … many people who know me now (but didn’t then) can’t believe I was a scientist. Yet I have a very curious mind and love understanding why things work as they do. I use my analytical skills to run my business too! : )
      I am so grateful to have discovered a more natural, balanced way of being in the world and it is my calling to support others to do the same.
      I love your words “Staying with what’s familiar is so much easier in the short run, but in the long run it doesn’t allow us to grow and develop into what we’re meant to be.”
      With gratitude,

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