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I am baking a pumpkin pie today! This time of year I tend to enjoy cooking more than I do in the summer time. It must be the warmth of the kitchen with the stove and oven that draws me in the cooler months. It is such a meditative act to pull the seeds out of the juicy pumpkin that I’m baking for the pie.

The seeds remind me of all the seeds I’ve planted in my life and all the new changes that lie ahead for me in the coming year. The juice of the pumpkin reminds me of the joyfulness of my life and all that I’m grateful for. The flesh reminds me of all the love and beauty that nourishes me each day.

Baking this pumpkin fills me with a sense of being in the moment and appreciation for all that is. It also has brought to mind something that I’ve been teaching and learn over and over … to honor the cycles of life. In honoring the cycles of life, both those of nature and those of my body, mind, emotions and spirit, I know that everything unfolds perfectly and I don’t need to fight against what is. For example, in the summer if I don’t feel like cooking, I honor that and allow that. It’s about letting go of ‘shoulds’ and trusting what shows up.

This allows me to flow with life instead of fighting against it. This allows me to easily Focus on the Flowers and appreciate what is showing up in my life.

One of the Steps to Stretch Beyond Stuck™ is – Focus on The Flowers.

This step is all about gratitude and appreciation. We often get caught up in complaining and noticing all the weeds – all that we don’t like and all the things that get in our way in life. When we focus on the weeds, we keep ourselves stuck. We keep noticing and looking for what bothers us. It becomes a habit and way of looking at the world and a way of relating to others.

The more we focus on the flowers of our life the more we support them to bloom and blossom. Then we consciously create more and more flowers, instead of weeds. When we learn to focus on the flowers we find and create more opportunities and live with a healthier mindset.

Here are a few tips on How to Focus on the Flowers

  • Breath. Feel yourself in this moment.
  • Notice how you feel and do something to honor it.
  • Look around your life and notice what you appreciate.
  • Listen with your heart and hear what others are ‘really’ saying.
  • If someone is ‘bothering’ you, think of 3 things you appreciate about them.

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