Finding Your Inner Sanctuary

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Most of us were taught that other people know better; That someone else holds the answers; That we must look outside of ourselves for the best way to live, work, communicate, etc.

When we believe the answers are outside of us, we constantly doubt ourselves. We live with fear and make decisions based in fear. We tend to think, “Oh, don’t want to look stupid … I don’t want to upset her/him … I don’t want to get … I don’t want to keep feeling like this, etc” All the don’t wants keep you stuck.

I know I use to live in that place of fear and uncertainty. I was afraid to make a wrong move. I was worried about how others saw me and what others thought. I was sure that everyone else knew so much more than me. I felt like something was missing. Like I should know something that I didn’t. In a way something was missing … my connection to my Inner Sanctuary! Once I found that things started unfolding naturally and my life expanded.

To get unstuck you must find that center within and connect with it regularly!

As an Inner Sanctuary Coach I help my clients reach that center within where the answers live. When they connect to their Inner Sanctuary and live from from that place, they are confident, balanced, centered and true to themselves. They use their intuition and make the choices that are right for them in their relationships and career.

Start connecting with your Inner Sanctuary with these steps:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Breathe into your belly. Let the belly fill on inhale. Empty on exhale.
  3. Bring to mind a place that makes you feel calm, centered, relaxed.
  4. Go there in your mind. Use all your senses to experience this place.
  5. What do you notice. What do you see, hear, sense?
  6. Let it in. Be in this experience for a few more breaths.
  7. How might you remind yourself of this feeling throughout your day?

Everyone is unique in how they find their Inner Sanctuary and everyone has blocks/fears that keep them from connecting to their Inner Sanctuary fully. Get support. Get tips, worksheets, guided meditations. Learn to relax, be confident and connect to your Inner Sanctuary with your DIY Self Coaching Subscription. Sign up today!

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