Summertime Surrender


The energy of summer brings celebration, light, and lots of activity. It invites us outdoors. It invites us to celebrate life, the many colors of nature, and the many forms of abundance that surround us. It also invites us to relax into the warmth and fun of the season. It invites us to surrender, to let go.

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Perhaps it brings thoughts of lounging on a warm, sunny beach … or camping next to a lazy lake. What images come to mind for you, when you think of the energy of summer?

For some of us summer becomes so busy we forget to surrender. We end up focusing only on the active, busy aspects of the summertime. If we make it to the beach or go on vacation, we may quickly return to our busy-ness once we are back home. Or we bring the busy energy with us on vacation … the go, go, go, and do, do, do.

So how might we begin to remind ourselves to relax back into the warm, comfort of summer? It can require trust. Can we trust that everything will be okay if we let go and just enjoy? Can we trust that we are taken care of on a deep level? Can we trust that this moment is perfect? Can we trust that we really are okay just as we are?

Truly you don’t have to do, be or have anything more than who you are in this moment. You might have just forgotten. You are magnificent and you light up everyone and everything around you, when you remember your true essence.

To connect with that essence, we must relax and connect with our deeper selves.
You might say, “Well, that sounds lovely but how the heck do I actually do that?”
Good question.

Since each of us is unique the answer will be different for each of us.

To surrender and relax:

  • Breathe. Breathe into your belly. Forget about having a flat belly. Let the belly be soft, supple. Imagine the belly like a balloon, inflating on the inhale and deflating on the exhale. Count 6 breath cycles. Do this anywhere. Anytime. Notice how you feel afterwards. Just notice, without judgment.
  • Imagine your body softening. Notice any tightness, gripping that you can let go of. Gently invite softening into every part of your body. Notice how this feels. Notice any resistance. Notice, without judgment.
  • Imagine sending all your worries, thoughts down into the earth for safe keeping if/when you need them or for recycling. In this moment, release them. Know all will be taken care of.
  • Listen to your favorite music and just be with the music. Just listen, just notice, if you are ‘moved’ to dance or ‘moved’ to cry or smile, ‘moved’ to write or paint, go with it. Surrender to the music. Surrender to the moment.
  • Journal/write/create around the idea ‘What does surrender mean for me?’ ‘What ideas, words, sounds, feelings, images come up?’ ‘How can I create a safe space for me to surrender and let go more often?’
  • Sit outside and just listen to the sounds around you for at least 10 minutes. Just listen, sit and notice.
  • Come up with your own inspired ideas for ways to relax and let go into the celebration of your life!

Life is a unique journey with peaks and valleys along the path.
If you would like support along the way contact, Rena Hatch, Inner Sanctuary Coach and yoga teacher or visit for a full weekend of surrender and relaxation!

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