3 Steps to Positive Change!

Each positive thought you hold in your heart is a ripple of love on the energy pond of the universe. ~Rena Hatch

What you think about over and over filters through the conscious mind into your deeper subconscious and becomes part of your belief system. Your beliefs influence your actions and feelings. How do you want to feel? How do you want to act?

photo of ripples on pond

Often we spend most of our time thinking about and talking about (then acting on) what we don’t like or don’t want or what’s frustrating us, etc. Think back to the last conversation you had. What were you talking about?

Commiseration is one of the ways we connect with others. It’s fun. Right? We do it at work; at home with our family; when we are out with our girlfriends. It is so second nature we don’t even realize we are doing it. Yet, it usually leaves us feeling as frustrated and stuck as we were before the conversation.

Life coaching provides a different form of conversati0n that gets you thinking differently while focusing your thoughts and actions towards what you truly want in life. If your not quite ready to hire a life coach, below are some useful ways to start changing and moving toward healthier habits today!

My top tips toward positive change are:

  1. Change your environment. Clear out anything that does not support your most important goals. Switch up things in your home or office to remind you of what is really important to you. These can be visual cues and physical ‘props’ that will get you thinking and acting differently. Such as, putting your running shoes by the door; throwing out the junk food; placing healthy snacks in hand and eye shot; place a special photo or image on your desk that reminds you of your Authentic Self.
  2. Change your actions. Do something different! The same actions will get you the same results you’ve been getting. If you want to change you must do something different. Do you usually come home and plop down on the coach? Well, before you do, stop … and go wash your face instead. Or go for a quick walk. Or go do some stretching and breathing. Try something different. You will start to break your habit and replace it with a better one. Research shows it takes about 21 days of consistent action to create a new habit.
  3. Change your thoughts. Now this is a big one. It can take a lot of practice and usually calls for outside support. Start by trying out a mantra (a positive thought you repeat to yourself). Mantras are powerful because, if repeated often enough, they will trickle into your subconscious mind and into your belief system. Some examples: “I am capable and talented.” “I am healthy and choose healthy habits.” “I am prosperous.” “Everything is okay.” Create one that you believe and that resonates with you.

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