Tips for your Personal Petite Retreat!

Whether you are celebrating Mother’s Day or just want to take a few minutes to relax, these are sweet, simple suggestions on how to create your own Petite Retreat. Remember: how you treat yourself will teach others how you want and deserve to be treated.

You can take 5 minutes with just one of the tips, or mix and match as many as you like, to create a luxurious retreat day for yourself. Work these tips into your lifestyle in a way that works for you and get ready to de-stress, unwind, relax and renew. Enjoy!

My top 7 simple suggestions:

  1. Lay back and relax: Lay or recline in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Imagine you are in your favorite place. Relax and enjoy. Bonus tip: cover eyes with cooling cucumber slices or special eye mask.
  2. Breathe deeply: Take 6 soothing, belly breaths. On the inhale fill your belly up; on the exhale empty the belly out.  Then, breath naturally and repeat again. Bonus fact: belly breathing activates your parasympathetic nervous system, i.e. the ‘relaxation response.’
  3. Light a candle: Use the candle as a reminder that you are taking sacred time for yourself and to remind you of what is sacred to you.
  4. Receive a foot massage: Ask a loved one; get one with a pedicure; exchange foot massages with a friend; or give yourself a foot massage! Great for foot health and creates whole body relaxation by activation of pressure points. Bonus tip: use your favorite lotion or a special foot lotion with tea tree oil which is good for the feet.
  5. Wear what you like: Put on your favorite outfit. Whether it’s fancy or just comfy. What matters is how you feel in it. Maybe it’s something with your favorite color or something that reminds you of a special time in your life. Bonus tip: put on something that feels good and makes you feel beautiful from the inside out.
  6. Do something luxurious for yourself: Spend some time doing something that feels good and luxurious to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be soaking in a long bubble bath; reading a favorite book; journaling; walking in nature; taking a nap; eating off your ‘fancy dishes’; drinking a cup of hot cocoa. What is luxurious and simple to you?
  7. Connect with beauty: As you do you will be reminded of your own unique beauty. Enjoy fresh flowers as a gift from someone else or from yourself; listen to beautiful music; invite your eyes to find the beauty around you and within you.

Please share your ideas for a Petite Retreat with a reply below! What ideas did you like? What would you add?

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