Top 5 Ways to Practice More Self Care

You deserve some relaxation and time for you! Practicing self care can mean a shift in how you think of yourself and what you are worth.

If you are taking time to help others and be of service to others, then you are directly impacting them by how well you take care of you.

When you are well cared for you radiate aliveness with more energy and more love and more enthusiasm. And who wouldn’t want to be around someone like that?

We always hear about spending quality time with loved ones. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you have (you will always be with YOU). So, YOU are one of your loved ones. How do you spend quality time with yourself?

How often do you take time to do something you really, really love and that fills you up on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually)? Or 3 out of 4 is good too!

“Do what you love. Do what makes your heart sing.” ~Marianne Williamson

Here are my Top 5 in Practicing Self Care:

  1. Daily Breath – Take 2 minutes to sit still and breath into your belly.
  2. Play time – Do something fun and frivolous that you enjoy each week.
  3. Loving-kindness (ahimsa) – Say (or think) something kind and loving to yourself each day, as often as possible.
  4. Connect - Take 5 or more minutes each week to truly connect with friends, nature, your higher self, spirit, or whatever fills you up on a deeper level.
  5. Inquire – Ask yourself what you really, really love doing? Ask yourself what really fills your heart with joy? Be curious, be patient and be ready to honor whatever arises.

In addition to those 5 tips, here is a relaxing video … I highly recommend taking a minute to enjoy: Use Your Mind to Unwind

Want more ideas, support and actual guided relaxations?

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Please share – How do you practice self care?

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3 comments to Top 5 Ways to Practice More Self Care

  • Katrina, I love that! What a wonderful way to practice self care on a daily basis. I’m sure that by taking that quality time with yourself, you are having a very positive impact on those you interact with when you come back from lunch! Many blessings of gratitude to you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  • Katrina Andrews

    While at my job, I take a hour lunch. While I only really need 30 minutes to eat, I take the extra time to sit in a quite space. I breathe deeply.

    Sometimes, I am lucky enough to take a power nap in that time. (I set my cell phone’s alarm and lay it on my chest to wake me up.)

    I come back a totally different person when I can take that time for me.

    It does prove, if only to me, that by taking care of myself, I am so much more able to take care of others.

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