Messages from My Wise Goddess Self

Lately beetles, the Lady Bug in particular, have been showing up in my life in many ways.

Whenever someone or something repeatedly shows up in my life, I believe my Wise Goddess Self is sending me a message. Then I ask, “If she is sending me a message, what might the message be?”

As I ponder this message, sometimes for moments, sometimes for days, I just allow the answer to arise. Often, if it’s an animal that is showing up, I check in with one of my favorite books, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

According to Andrews, beetles represent resurrection. This gives me a new filter through which to see the world and my life. These are the questions I am currently pondering:

  • What am I resurrecting?
  • What new changes am I creating?
  • How might I welcome change with more ease?

With this information I now have a new way of perceiving my daily life and the messages that might be showing up.

There are always new layers, new lessons and new learning to be had.

What messages are showing up for you? How do you honor them? Please share!

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