Five ways to increase love, really

How often do you take time to give kindness and love to yourself?

I believe that Love blossoms in a full heart.

As we fill ourselves up with happiness and joy, love flows from us and comes to us easily. Most of us spend way too much time being hard on ourselves.

Love. Photo by Linda Frazier

In yoga there is a powerful practice called Ahimsa which means non-violence or loving-kindness. If you are like most of my friends and clients, you easily give loving-kindness to others, to animals, to children and loved-ones.

We completely forget about ourselves! How do you talk to yourself? Do you think and speak with kindness toward yourself?

Five Ways to Increase Love:

  1. Look for the light — Look for what you like. Each day list one thing you like about *someone close to you, *your day, *your life, *a stranger and *yourself.
  2. Take time to smile — Have you gotten bogged down with daily routines? Take a five minutes each day to bask in what lights you up. Look at a favorite photo. Have a laugh with a friend (or a stranger at a store). Invite love to blossom within your heart in small ways.
  3. Forgive — Let go of old hurts for your own peace and well-being. If you need support, consider a Day Retreat with me. When we forgive it softens our heart and makes room for more love.
  4. Compliment (instead of complain) — When you notice yourself about to complain about someone or something (while looking in the mirror, at work, while driving, etc.), come up with a genuine compliment instead (even if it’s about something else).
  5. Give kindness — To a stranger, to someone who needs a hand, most of all be sure to give to yourself first. Give kindness starting with your thoughts and words and move into action from there.

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