How to Stretch Into Expansion (even when feeling cranky)

“When we gently stretch, we expand into who we really are.” ~Rena Hatch

How are you stretching yourself this year?
What new plans and dreams are you painting in your mind?
What might be holding you back from your full expansion?

I’ve been reconnecting to what fills me up and what lightens me up. The more we spend time thinking about what lightens us up, the better we feel and the more we expand. Then we create even more expansion and abundance. It is a growing, spiraling effect. A powerful practice I share with my clients is taking time each day to notice three things that really lightened you up. Recognize and honor three things, such as a hint of sunshine filtering through the trees, the soft feeling of a warm sweater, the melody of rainfall, etc. Notice small daily things that soften your heart and bring a sense of expansion.

Since it’s the winter-time here in the Pacific Northwest it tends to be a little dark and dreary most days. This brings in cozy times and also a lot of reflective time and a chance to really notice how I’m responding to the weather, my husband, challenges that arise within me and around me. To be completely honest sometimes I feel cranky and irritable … especially during my moontime.  At the darkest times it can be very challenging to notice anything that lightens us up.

When we are cranky, it is often because something within us is calling out to be recognized, honored and then released … such as an old hurt, our inner little girl, a perceived slight, etc.

Here are practical steps I use to support my clients (and myself) to stretch into more expansion (even when feeling cranky)!….

1.    Take a moment to recognize how you are feeling. This may mean stopping what you are doing (for just a minute) and asking yourself, “How do I honestly feel right now?”
2.    Then, honor that feeling by just feeling it. Feeling it without blaming, explaining, or lashing out etc. Just feel it. For my clients sometimes this means, laying down and curling up; crying; laughing; dancing around; or anywhere in between these.
3.    Release anything that needs to be released. This  could be more crying. Or it could be imagining letting go of a restricting thought or belief by sending it down into the earth. Or letting go by making a loud noise or a releasing movement with your body. And, it could be getting ride of an old item or pile of paper, etc. Come up with your own way to release what no longer serves you.

What lightens you up? How do you stretch into expansion even when you are cranky? Please share your thoughts here!

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