Letting Go to Make Space for New Growth

In the winter here in the northern hemisphere, the trees stand bare and release their leaves. Nature can be a great teacher if we are willing to notice.  In winter many plants die back and returning to Mother Earth.

Everywhere we look nature is releasing, surrendering and letting go of the old and lifeless.  It is the winter aspect of the natural, beautiful cycle of life. The winter release allows for the new growth that is waiting, unseen to arise in the spring.

For me winter can bring up sadness, since most of my family and dear, dear friends are far away from me physically. Sometimes the cold air of winter can bring up fears and feelings of being unprotected. Each deep feeling such as sadness or fear is a signal to pay attention and notice old beliefs that are ready to be released. This allows for a letting go of the past and old hurts.

Lately I’ve noticed each time I let go of what I think I should do, say or believe and just surrender to my intuition and deeper wisdom, I am pleasantly surprised at the result. It’s like returning to a childlike open-heartedness where I relate to people and each moment with trust and enthusiasm. It’s so refreshing and much more fun than worrying and over thinking!

“Surrendering means letting go of your resistance to the total openness of who you are. It means giving up the tension of the little vortex you believe yourself to be and realizing the deep power of the ocean you truly are.” David Deida

What are you ready to let go of? Is there something, an aspect of yourself or habit that no longer serves you? When we release, just like a tree releasing dead leaves, it allows vital energy to return to the center. When we release what no longer serves us we make space for newness; space for something to revitalize us.

If you would like to make space for new growth:

1.    Let your deep feelings guide you. What might you be ready to release, cleanse, let go of, or just sort through. Perhaps it’s a pile of paper, a messy drawer, a relationship, feelings of resentment, fear, etc.
2.    Breathe into the place in your body where the uncomfortable feelings reside. Or breathe as you sort through what you are ready to release. Just breathe.
3.    Allow the space between your breaths to begin to create space in your body, mind, heart and spirit.
4.    Notice any thoughts, feelings and ideas that arise. Trust and listen to what comes up, even if it seems ‘silly’ or doesn’t make sense.
5.    Ask for support from a friend, a pet, a coach, your higher self, etc.
6.   Take it further

  • Release a ‘should’.
  • Try something new you’ve been meaning to do.
  • Give yourself permission to ‘do nothing’(Read your favorite book. Take a nap.)
  • Forgive yourself for what you’ve done and not done.
  • Do something just for fun. Skip. Sing. Laugh. Giggle.

Please share your thoughts! What are you releasing? What does this create space for?

And … as an extra step Download a copy of a Glow with Gratitude Meditation. A wonderful way to get into a space of gratitude to soften and release what no longer serves you.
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Rena Hatch, MS, RYT, is the coach for self-aware, busy women who feel stuck in unhealthy patterns.  She is a certified yoga teacher and professional life coach.

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6 comments to Letting Go to Make Space for New Growth

  • Betty

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    I come from itlay, I was fortunate to approach your topic in google
    Also I obtain much in your Hot Topics really thanks very much i will come daily

  • Jacques Lusk

    Extraordinary This really is one of the most informative websites I’ve ever read on this subject.

  • Heather Zike

    I am shedding a lot of things, to let go and as part of my preparation eventually to move to California…for a change of scenery and new adventures. Happy holidays! :)

  • Thank you so much for this lovely reminder, Rena! It does feel so much better to move in flow with the season rather than fight it by trying to “do do do” all the time. I did clear out some clutter today and that made room for some creativity which is still flowing. . . yeah!

  • Thanks for the reminder to take some time for me, Rena. This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. It feels so good to be inward right now, that i don’t even want to leave my house today!