Create Positive Change This Year!

As we allow ourselves to have fun and dream about the future, it can be useful to start from a positive place. This will birth positive changes. When we are feeling joyful and grateful, it is much easier to expand into our possibilities.

“We discover freedom as we shed our old patterns and leave the past behind.” Terry Andrews Dance of the Jaguar

Tips on Creating Positive Change

  1. Start by appreciating what you DO have.
    For example, list one thing you like about:
    your job, your body, your family, your day, etc.
    Start with what’s easiest. Take a few minutes
    and really allow yourself to soak up the good feelings.
    (This step can help get into the holiday spirit too!)
  2. Get into a relaxed state. Take a bath. Breath deeply.
    Go for a walk. Listen to a guided meditation. Do whatever relaxes you.
  3. Play make believe! Image your life (a comfortable
    distance in the future) is how you’d like it to be.
    Have fun. Dream big! What do you notice?
  4. Set an intention – chose one thing to do differently
    in the coming months that will lead you toward that vision.
    One bite size step. ; )
  5. Create a reminder for yourself. Put up an image
    that reminds you of what you are going for.
    Or listen to music that makes feel the way you
    image you will feel. Or find an object to touch that
    links you to the vision/feeling you are in the process of
    creating. Or something else. What might work for you?

Share your thoughts. Leave a comment!

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Rena Hatch, MS, RYT, is the coach for self-aware, busy women who feel stuck in unhealthy patterns.  She is a certified yoga teacher and professional life coach.

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4 comments to Create Positive Change This Year!

  • Deb Wandler

    Happy New Year Rena! Yes it is the time of year to dream and plant the seeds for the new year. Listening to CBC radio this morning I heard an interview on how to make things happen in our lives and one suggestion was only plan to do those things you really WANT to do. Of course this seems like a no-brainer, however often time failing to follow thorugh on committments to change is that we aren’t committing to the things that we really want in our lives. So, I am taking time to really ponder the question What do I want…what do I REALLY want? Thank you for the great tips! I look forward to continued connection with you.
    Namaste, Deb

    • Deb, thank you!
      What a fabulous reminder to us all to ponder …
      “What do you REALLY, really, want?”

      This is also a great way to stay focused on what you want instead of
      what’s missing. I will be teaching more on this in the Stretch Beyond Stuck Goddess Club, ‘Stretch Into YOU’ calls
      this year .. more info at I do hope you will join us! I’d love to have you there.

  • Mickii

    I am thinking about the coming year also. First, I am giving my self the gift of intentional communication. By not clicking the ‘like’ button on FB, or answering the amusing forward instantly, I am freeing my self up to listen to my inner responses and know myself better.
    Instead of resolutions I am calling my actions ‘Choices’, as in “I am choosing to…”, again being intentional. I am responding to things of immediate need first instead of ignoring them hoping they will go away. I am following my creative urges through to the end instead of hoping I will find time to finish. (My creativity is finally my priority!)
    These are just a few of what I am changing and growing this year. Look to see some of my works for sale on, and other places! I will keep you posted!

    Thanks for your wonderful words Rena!

    • Creative Goddess Mickii!
      Sounds like you are really applying some very useful techniques.
      Such as taking your power back with the power of choice!
      And listening to your inner wisdom. It is a pleasure to know your creativity is your priority.
      Woo hoo!
      I will be looking for your works on Please do keep me posted.
      And, just as I write to Deb, I would also love to have you join us and share your wisdom in the
      Stretch Beyond Stuck Goddess Club