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I am so glad you stopped by. Feeling stuck? Well, you came to the right place. My name is Rena Hatch and I am the coach for self-aware, busy women who feel stuck. I use to feel stuck and was unsure of my next step. I felt I had stumbled off of the path I was meant to be on. Yet, I had no idea of what that path was!

I combine coaching, modern & ancient teachings in yoga, meditation,relaxation and the wise woman way to empower women like you to stretch beyond stuck and soften into your Authentic Goddess Self.

This blog is meant to support you with lots of tips, ideas, stories on how to stretch beyond stuck and honor your need to take ‘me time’ and ways to easily incorporate more self-care into your busy schedule. Through some simple tools and steps that I used myself, you can find what you need and stretch beyond any blocks, clouds, darkness, confusion into the true light of your beautiful being.

You must give to yourself and fill yourself up first in order to have energy to give to others.

Set aside just 5 minutes a day for you! Take time each day or week to come here for your daily dose of How to Stretch Beyond Stuck into more relaxation, balance and self-confidence.

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